Let peace come to earth

The gospel choir of the sangverein sand 1900 has long outgrown its infancy. The approximately 30 singers presented themselves in the fifth year of the existence in the best way gerustet for their assignment. They see their task in conveying the good news to their audience, but not so piously, but also in a modern way. With their music, the singers also want to appeal to people who are not so close to the church. After the change of conductor and for the third performance in the parish church st. The choir had a few surprises in store for st. Nicholas.
With the traditional gospel "I'm gonna sing" the program was opened swinging. Chairwoman sigrid klinger addressed the audience and introduced the newly-formed septet, which now had its premiere: with "good news" the people were quickly captivated – the spark spontaneously jumped over. The choir set the appropriate contrast with the modern, soulful, almost groovy spiritual "heaven is a wonderful place". The only 15 year old soprano jana pohlmann from bayreuth and conductor lisa mehling from bischberg interpreted "for the beauty of the earth" with their clear and powerful voices by john rutter.

Then followed a song that expresses the hope of salvation: the meditative piece "lord I want to be a christian". Velvety-soft and a capella the septet sang "let us break bread together" a. A real listening experience!

For the first time, the habberge district presented itself with wine and beer at the "land&" experience fair enjoyment" of the german agricultural society (DLG) in frankfurt. A few days after the end of the fair, beer prince sebastian gocker and the sander wine princess draw a positive balance: "our goal was to bring our county, where beer and wine meet, closer as an attractive destination for excursions and enjoyment." with wines from the abt-degen wine valley and beers from the local private breweries, which are united under the umbrella of "naturally from here" the visitors got a small impression of the culinary diversity of the district habberge.
The interest in the booth of the working group of german queens was great, confirmed the two sander winemakers rudi rub and stefan goger, who actively supported the majesties during their two-day trade fair assignment. They also took the opportunity to promote the beautiful landscape and diverse attractions of their home region.

The "vinator is well received"

Wine and beer go hand in hand in the district of habberge, as the visitors to the fair could see for themselves. The "vinator" is symbolic of the fusion of these two cultural assets from the bayer brewery (theinheim). The wine-beer hybrid was very well received at the tasting, as were the other beer specialties blood secret (craft beer) and sour cherry secret (based on the belgian model). But also the classic beer varieties such as the kaiser-heinrich-urstoff from the brewery goller (zeil) and the pils from the brewery raab (hofheim) whetted appetites for more. And the winemakers have also aroused curiosity with their wines. The fair visitors were blown away by the noble wines.

All gramss stores soon to close

Fresh bread from a branch of the gramss bakery will be history as of tomorrow. The production facility in meerane (saxony) will cease operations by the weekend, a spokeswoman for the responsible insolvency administrator christian heintze announced. The remaining stores of the bamberg-based bakery chain were supplied from meerane.

In mid-november, the bakery chain filed for insolvency for five of its companies. These companies, which bear names such as "annas taglich brot and "aunt annas bakery" the entire branch business – 80 sales outlets in northern bavaria, thuringia and saxony – depended on these companies.
445 employees affected by insolvency. How many still fear for their jobs now is unclear. Because the insolvency proceedings are as confusing as the corporate structure of the gramss group. Each of the companies has its own insolvency administrator, who is naturally initially only concerned with the company for which he is responsible. "The division of the branches was chaotically organized", said christoph alexander jacobi, insolvency administrator of the bread& co. Gmbh& co. KG. It is unclear why so many gmbhs have been founded. "The only person who could have been happy about this was the tax advisor, because of the annual financial statements", jacobi said.
The insolvency administrator from chemnitz assumes that he will be able to continue to work for the bread&butter company co. In short twelve of the 15 stores will have been sold – to nine different new owners. "Gramss will no longer be at the store.", he clarified. For the employees it is a stressful situation. "I hope that the new owners will take over a substantial part of the workforce", said jacobi. He has already signed a number of takeover agreements. However, many of the employees had made their own inquiries weeks ago.

By andrea sporlein

in the strullendorf hauptsmoorhalle, where usually the "heroes" are of the brose baskets, this time it was marie, fabrice, jannes and the other children from the kindergartens involved in the "kiga baskets" project kindergarten involved.

Who has to prove what? At the beginning of this year, the district court of nurnberg dealt in a decision with the question of which principles of burden of proof apply when a customer suffers an injury in a store.

The plaintiff visited a furniture store in nurnberg in october 2018 to make purchases, as friedrich weitner, judge at the higher regional court, stated in this regard. She claims that a sign hanging from the ceiling fell down and hit her in the head. This sign had been made of solid plastic material and had hit her with the tip.

When a building and environment committee meets, the "session" can be a "meeting" quickly also run off in the style of a hiking day. Then it goes back and forth in the community, from one focal point to another. Starting point of the last meeting of this kind was the albert swiss school.
An energy renovation began there in the spring of 2011. By the end of 2013, a new heating system, new exterior insulation and roof damming must be completed. "We are already ahead of schedule, albertshofen’s mayor horst reuther (CSU) confirms with satisfaction. In the course of this work, however, it quickly became clear that there was much more to be done at the school, and so the general renovation began. This must be completed by the end of 2014 in order to be guaranteed the state’s claim funds.
Christian kuster from the commissioned architectural firm AK-plus presented the outstanding measurements in detail to the municipal politicians. After that, it was decided to carry out locksmith work on the stairs, walkways and the roofing of the entrance to the gymnasium, as well as to renovate the chimney system and carry out a wide range of work on the ventilation systems. With more than 90,000 euros, they make up the largest item in the budget plan "however, the amount has been negotiated very roughly and will certainly not be exhausted to this extent", reuther appeased.
Escape balconies, for example, still have to be built into the facade, a "green classroom" with stone banks in the free one does not build against it. Paving work, new staircases and various works on the school’s grounds are now underway. The city is now looking for sponsors for new trees in front of the school.
The "red square" was subjected to a critical review, the sports field behind the school. Cracks or first holes in the rubber coating make an intervention necessary here. If the running track and the all-weather pitch are completely renewed, the cost will be around 76,000 euros.
"The pitch will only last another ten years at best", explained architect kuster. It remains to be seen whether it will be enough just to repair the holes by then, or whether the item will be integrated into the general renovation.

Returned from munich with medals

That is why the municipality of himmelkron gave participants a rough reception in the town hall. Eleven young men and one woman from the himmelkroner homes competed on the international stage with athletes from austria, switzerland and england. And in the end, the himmelkroner even had three winners in the disciplines of table tennis and swimming, plus one second and two third places.

Training every week

Now more than ever, said the musicians of the paraglider band cloudbase at their last performance for the time being. In the wood workshop, the sextet really turned up the heat once again. Its presence there at the beginning of the christmas season had become a secret tip over the past years. Those who found it too tranquil at the advent market in hammelburg were given a boost for the start of the shortest days of the year by the driving detour into rock history.

So also in 2019. The musicians gave everything once again. Even before the concert, it had leaked out that the formation was thinking of quitting because the death of band member dieter schneider in february 2019 had left deep emotional scars.

First major setback for rose - now redemption?

Actually, there can be no better opponent for borussia monchengladbach to make amends against. Against fortuna dusseldorf, borussia is still in debt to its own supporters anyway.

Accordingly, coach marco rose quickly shrugged off the european shock against the austrian provincial club wolfsberger AC. "We’ve refocused and we all know we want to perform differently," rose said after a "relatively long night" on friday in view of sunday’s neighborhood duel against fortuna (15.30:00 p.M.].

Air berlin insolvency administrator lucas flother expects a flood of bankruptcies soon due to the corona crisis. The only question is whether it will come in the fall or not until next year. "The wave of bugs is just building up," he said on wednesday evening in a video conference of the munich business press club.

Karstadt kaufhof, the vapiano and maredo restaurant chains, the hallhuber fashion company and the stadthalle bonn-bad godesberg were the first prominent victims in april to file for bankruptcy or flee under a protective umbrella. In tourism, in the aviation industry, it is not only the revenues that have now completely collapsed – their world will also be different after the crisis: "I don’t believe that you can still fly to majorca for 23 euros. No one flies from berlin to frankfurt for a two-hour meeting anymore," said the spokesman for the "gravenbrucher kreis" of leading insolvency administrators. Flother is also the court-appointed trustee of the ailing vacation airline condor.