On a wet road, full on the rails

At first, they vacillated between jitters and deep relaxation. The 25 trainees sitting more or less excitedly at the wheel of their car are all in their third year of training at dr. Tailor group of companies. But they don’t just go for a drive, they undergo driver safety training. The aim: to introduce young people to the "reality of transport" to get. They should learn to control their vehicles safely even in extreme situations.

Stefanie dietzel, head of the dr. Schneider academy: "we wanted to offer something outside the usual standard and thought a driving safety training course was a great idea. Our employees are the heart of the company. We care about your health."

The whole thing was initiated by roland pyka, the chairman of the kronach traffic watch association. He "tours" with the "conner through experience" program through the companies in the district. With the support of driving instructors, it not only offers a practical session, but also conveys theoretical knowledge. At this point, moderator wolfgang harthan came into play. He effortlessly managed the balancing act between conveying serious content and a casual conversational tone.

Steering with your eyes

A "tire blowout" was one of the examples used to illustrate the point. Harthan: "you’ll have to let yourself be surprised by what the car does." of course this sentence was not meant seriously, because the professional knew exactly how one should react in the ideal case. And he not only dealt with the different characteristics of the roads, but also drew attention to the other road users. "It’s important to keep an eye on children and elderly people in particular. And please give those in need of help a chance. Steering with your eyes helps to recognize a hazard."

Centrifugal forces began to work in practice on the second day of the driving training course. A course with different tasks demanded the full attention of the trainees. Driving a slalom, maneuvering through a tight spot without an accident, avoiding an obstacle, braking hard on a wet road surface, circling. Not an easy task, but 19-year-old sophia said: "it’s a bit unusual and I’m scared of the wet pavement, but it’s also fun."

Even 21-year-old rudolf, who had started the course with a great deal of respect, finally enjoyed the training. "I have been driving for a long time, but on a training ground it is still something else." kai (18), on the other hand, was deeply relaxed, and julian, who was the same age, had no mental problems either.

18-year-old elina started the race with respect. "It’s a new experience for me, but I’m getting faster and more confident with every lap." driving instructors georg bayer and udo janke kept a watchful eye on the youngsters. They gave feedback, tips and comments on driving behavior and showed how to do it right.

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