Bad hersfeld: five trucks collide - 180000 euro damage

A clash of superlatives: on tuesday, 29.0 may, around 21.45 o'clock there was a traffic accident in which five semitrailer or. Trucks collided with each other, causing property damage of 180.000 euro arose.

At the scene of the accident on the A 7, fulda-kassel, between bad hersfeld/west and homberg/efze, a 38-year-old german drove his tractor-trailer from the district of weibenburg-gunzenhausen along the right lane of the road in a downhill stretch. The truck driver had to brake his tractor-trailer due to traffic conditions. Three of the following drivers managed to stop their 40-ton trucks in time by braking hard. The fifth tractor-trailer, driven by a 30-year-old belgian driver, was too late in recognizing the decelerations of the trucks ahead and hit the tractor-trailer stopped in front of it.

Freeways overloaded - many traffic jams in easter traffic

Traffic jams, traffic jams, traffic jams – many vacationers had to be patient over the long easter weekend in bavaria. Especially on the thursday and friday there were the famous avalanches of metal. Traffic jams and gridlocks again on easter monday.

On thursday, the ADAC registered a good 2900 traffic jams, which added up to a total of more than 6600 kilometers. Especially around the big cities with their agglomeration areas it became crowded in the afternoons and evenings. The holiday traffic and the start of the vacation coincided there, said an ADAC spokeswoman. "Not only vacationers, but also commuters were on the road."

Banks threatened by new wave of savings - branch die-off continues

This is the result of a study by the consulting company steria mummert, which was made available to the financial news agency dpa-AFX in advance. Offices of savings banks and cooperative banks in particular at risk. At the end of 2013, there were still 38,225 bank jobs in germany, according to bundesbank figures, almost 11,500 fewer than ten years earlier.

For the study, the consulting company asked 100 decision-makers from credit institutions in germany in august and september, who are representative of the industry in germany, to participate in a survey by the market research institute forsa.

The adelsdorf scouts, the tribe raubvogel (scout association mosaik), took three weekends to work intensively stammesheim.
To build such a rough home – after all, one of the roughest scout homes in germany – was already a feat that the raubvogel tribe – certainly with state subsidies and the help of the forderverein – managed all by itself. The old and young scouts lent a hand and have spent a lot of free time on this building over the last ten years, although they certainly didn’t often feel like it.
This year the project "tower" will be completed on the program. "We have torn out the entire tile floor in the kitchen on the first floor of the tower, which is difficult to clean, and now the new, better tiles have to be laid, according tobi (klose), the deputy tribal leader. "To our construction weekends came even support from koln. Kevin (gotz), of the darconis tribe, is a skilled tiler, and he spontaneously agreed to help us." but also some "old scouts, those who are no longer active because they have outgrown the scouting age, come to these three weekends and work hard with us.
Besides the kitchen, the wall covering in the staircase will be mounted, the cellar will be prepared, a showcase and a mullmobile will be built. The missing panels in the front of the house will be painted in the colors of the house and later installed.
And after tiling, the kitchen must be reinstalled and all appliances reconnected.

37-year-old woman fined for fraud

The 37-year-old defendant, said district judge ilona conver in her sentencing, seemed to her like pippi longstocking: "they make the world as they like it", she reproached the woman in an energetic tone. Because she had deliberately concealed from the job center the fact that her underage daughter no longer lived with her, she unlawfully received hartz IV benefits of 632 euros over a period of three months at the beginning of 2016. For this, she has now received a fine – not yet legally enforceable – of 800 euros at a criminal trial at the district court in habfurt.

As prosecutor franziska winkler pointed out in her statement of charges, the housewife received a sufficient number of. April 2014 until 31. May 2016 social welfare benefits of the job center in habfurt. The woman in need of help has a daughter. Therefore, she received the state support, which is entitled to a so-called community of need of mother and minor child.

Whether fears low participation

The results of a university survey give new nourishment to concerns about low voter turnout.
It is an appeal across all parties and opposing views: the three mayoral candidates wolfgang grader (GAL), gerhard seitz (CSU/BBB) and andreas starke (SPD) sound the alarm. "Our city needs the active participation of the citizenry. Only those who vote decide", it says in a joint election appeal submitted by all applicants on 29. February was signed. It is to be paid on 9. March to be published in the rathausjournal.
According to the city, there has never been a comparable call from three political competitors in bamberg before. It reflects the concern that many citizens, under the impression that everything had already been decided, would vote on 11. Marz could not go to the polls – even though the top office in bamberg is at stake, on which much depends, and even though on this day, uniquely in bamberg’s recent history, a decision will be made about eight years. The mayor, who started the initiative, is also worried that he will not be able to mobilize the voters and, of course, his supporters sufficiently:" the higher the voter turnout, the better the legitimacy of a mayor."

The turnout in the last elections for mayor of bamberg was not a glorious sign of the democratic spirit of the people of bamberg. In the runoff election on 20. March 1994 it was still at 62 percent. At that time, herbert lauer (freie wahler) and andreas stark had made it to the final round. On 26. March 2006, when the citizens decided between andreas starke and peter neller (CSU), only 44 percent made use of their right to vote. A downright crash.

For the first time, the habberge district presented itself with wine and beer at the "land&" experience fair enjoyment" of the german agricultural society (DLG) in frankfurt. A few days after the end of the fair, beer prince sebastian gocker and the sander wine princess draw a positive balance: "our goal was to bring our county, where beer and wine meet, closer as an attractive destination for excursions and enjoyment." with wines from the abt-degen wine valley and beers from the local private breweries, which are united under the umbrella of "naturally from here" the visitors got a small impression of the culinary diversity of the district habberge.
The interest in the booth of the working group of german queens was great, confirmed the two sander winemakers rudi rub and stefan goger, who actively supported the majesties during their two-day trade fair assignment. They also took the opportunity to promote the beautiful landscape and diverse attractions of their home region.

The "vinator is well received"

Wine and beer go hand in hand in the district of habberge, as the visitors to the fair could see for themselves. The "vinator" is symbolic of the fusion of these two cultural assets from the bayer brewery (theinheim). The wine-beer hybrid was very well received at the tasting, as were the other beer specialties blood secret (craft beer) and sour cherry secret (based on the belgian model). But also the classic beer varieties such as the kaiser-heinrich-urstoff from the brewery goller (zeil) and the pils from the brewery raab (hofheim) whetted appetites for more. And the winemakers have also aroused curiosity with their wines. The fair visitors were blown away by the noble wines.

All gramss stores soon to close

Fresh bread from a branch of the gramss bakery will be history as of tomorrow. The production facility in meerane (saxony) will cease operations by the weekend, a spokeswoman for the responsible insolvency administrator christian heintze announced. The remaining stores of the bamberg-based bakery chain were supplied from meerane.

In mid-november, the bakery chain filed for insolvency for five of its companies. These companies, which bear names such as "annas taglich brot and "aunt annas bakery" the entire branch business – 80 sales outlets in northern bavaria, thuringia and saxony – depended on these companies.
445 employees affected by insolvency. How many still fear for their jobs now is unclear. Because the insolvency proceedings are as confusing as the corporate structure of the gramss group. Each of the companies has its own insolvency administrator, who is naturally initially only concerned with the company for which he is responsible. "The division of the branches was chaotically organized", said christoph alexander jacobi, insolvency administrator of the bread& co. Gmbh& co. KG. It is unclear why so many gmbhs have been founded. "The only person who could have been happy about this was the tax advisor, because of the annual financial statements", jacobi said.
The insolvency administrator from chemnitz assumes that he will be able to continue to work for the bread&butter company co. In short twelve of the 15 stores will have been sold – to nine different new owners. "Gramss will no longer be at the store.", he clarified. For the employees it is a stressful situation. "I hope that the new owners will take over a substantial part of the workforce", said jacobi. He has already signed a number of takeover agreements. However, many of the employees had made their own inquiries weeks ago.

First major setback for rose - now redemption?

Actually, there can be no better opponent for borussia monchengladbach to make amends against. Against fortuna dusseldorf, borussia is still in debt to its own supporters anyway.

Accordingly, coach marco rose quickly shrugged off the european shock against the austrian provincial club wolfsberger AC. "We’ve refocused and we all know we want to perform differently," rose said after a "relatively long night" on friday in view of sunday’s neighborhood duel against fortuna (15.30:00 p.M.].

On the construction of the spa baths of bad kissingen

Anton schick senior leafs through an old order book. "New construction of the state spa", his grandfather anton schick (1877 – 1949) wrote above the page header in accurate, neat handwriting. The following are the names of the craftsmen who worked for the schick company in 1926 on what was then the largest spa building in europe. For the company, which was only 22 years old at the time, the state construction project in prinzregentenstrabe was a rough order. "My grandfather visited the construction site every morning", tells schick senior. Armed with his notebook, he talked through the tasks at hand, assigned personnel and organized the supply of materials.

Good contact with max littmann

The grandfather came from the spessart region of germany, from humble beginnings. After his training as a master stonemason in wurzburg, he first worked as a construction manager under the well-known kissingen architect carl krampf. In 1904 he founded his own company, acquired references and built up good relations with the rough munich architect max littmann. He, in turn, was happy to call on schick when it came to constructing the regentenbau and the spa building. "These were the most important construction projects for him. He was very proud of it", says schick senior, who has been running the company since 1965 and still supports his son anton schick junior in the management.