Portrayed people say what they think

portrayed people say what they think

What defines us as german? Is it virtues like punctuality or does the passport make us german?? What do we associate with foreign people??

About 45 interested people accepted the invitation of the AWO district association of kitzingen and the georg von vollmar academy to the opening of the photo exhibition "we are the people" in the vinothek in iphofen, in order to deal with these questions, according to an AWO press release.

Mayor josef mend made it clear that many problems have not only existed since the refugee crisis, but have become more obvious. The housing market was already tight before 2015, and social inequality and the threat of poverty among the elderly are issues that need to be addressed in order to remove the basis for resentment.

Deputy district administrator robert finster, whom AWO district chairman gerald mohrlein also buried as a political representative, recalled in his opening remarks that many young people and adults only know the democracy lived in germany today. Democracy is not a finished product, but must always be filled with life.

Photographer and maker of the exhibition stefan loeber reported on the intention to capture the mood in the country, after the phrase "we are the people" had experienced a completely new interpretation through the demonstrations of pegida than during the peaceful revolution of 1989. His photo exhibition looks at this question from two angles: the artist portrayed very different people, whose thoughts on the subject can be experienced by headphone. In 2016, loeber also went on the streets of munich and asked people about their attitude to the phrase "we are the people" and the current situation in germany, also with regard to the many people who have fled to germany. How does this change our country?? The issues that affect many in everyday life are made clear in this video clip.

Tamara wissing, deputy managing director of the georg von vollmar academy, moderated the discussion, which made it clear that we have to keep approaching each other and take fears seriously. Personal egoism and resentment must therefore be countered with education and clarification, said gerald mohrlein, who emphasized this as an important task of the AWO, in order to actively live tolerance and justice.

The exhibition "we are the people" is open until 12 p.M. November to be seen in the vinothek iphofen.

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