Let peace come to earth

The gospel choir of the sangverein sand 1900 has long outgrown its infancy. The approximately 30 singers presented themselves in the fifth year of the existence in the best way gerustet for their assignment. They see their task in conveying the good news to their audience, but not so piously, but also in a modern way. With their music, the singers also want to appeal to people who are not so close to the church. After the change of conductor and for the third performance in the parish church st. The choir had a few surprises in store for st. Nicholas.
With the traditional gospel "I'm gonna sing" the program was opened swinging. Chairwoman sigrid klinger addressed the audience and introduced the newly-formed septet, which now had its premiere: with "good news" the people were quickly captivated – the spark spontaneously jumped over. The choir set the appropriate contrast with the modern, soulful, almost groovy spiritual "heaven is a wonderful place". The only 15 year old soprano jana pohlmann from bayreuth and conductor lisa mehling from bischberg interpreted "for the beauty of the earth" with their clear and powerful voices by john rutter.

Then followed a song that expresses the hope of salvation: the meditative piece "lord I want to be a christian". Velvety-soft and a capella the septet sang "let us break bread together" a. A real listening experience!

Now more than ever, said the musicians of the paraglider band cloudbase at their last performance for the time being. In the wood workshop, the sextet really turned up the heat once again. Its presence there at the beginning of the christmas season had become a secret tip over the past years. Those who found it too tranquil at the advent market in hammelburg were given a boost for the start of the shortest days of the year by the driving detour into rock history.

So also in 2019. The musicians gave everything once again. Even before the concert, it had leaked out that the formation was thinking of quitting because the death of band member dieter schneider in february 2019 had left deep emotional scars.

The art of sound

It was easy for andrea hubner, a music teacher with a degree in elementary music education, to get the elementary school children of the schlossberg elementary school excited about music. Together with teachers karin kuttner and helmut conrady, she started the "wim project" in classes 1 a and 2 a. "Wim" stands for "we make music.
Andrea hubner teaches at the munnerstadt music school, among other places, and will be coming to the two classes on fridays for the next 18 months. The music pedagogue's work is paid for by the nudlinger musikanten, because the goal of an early basic musical education raises their hopes for a successful demand for new talent.

The cornerstones
About the concept of "wim, the program, which was developed at the hammelburg music academy, includes several key elements, including elements of basic musical education, singing and dancing together, instrument presentations and performances of what has been learned in the context of school events. Indirectly, the development of the children's personalities should also be sustainably challenged. Teachers karin kuttner and helmut conrady have already taken part in further training courses at the bavarian music academy in hammelburg.
"We first make music without instruments", andrea hubner declared the first "wim"-hour. Immediately she had the 16 second graders on her side. There was a lot of stomping on the ground, snapping fingers, clicking tongues and clapping hands. Then the kids practiced with great enthusiasm what is called "body percussion" is called: making sounds with your own body. Quick movements are also part of it.

recognition: friedbert reichert knows half the club's history

"It is strictly forbidden to visit public houses during a fire without the permission of the commanding officer or the train driver", as can be read in the over one hundred year old statutes of the garitz volunteer fire department. A festive reception in the gymnasium at the weekend celebrated both the founding of the fire department 150 years ago and that of the youth band of the garitz volunteer fire department 50 years ago.

In 1842, after a devastating fire in hamburg, the foundation stone was laid for the entire modern fire department in germany. First in the big cities, but already 27 years later, the people of garitz also founded their voluntary fire department, lieb 2. Commander georg schmitt let the numerous guests know right at the beginning of his funeral service. And many people came: a third of the city council, above all mayor kay blankenburg, district fire chief benno metz and district fire chief steffen kiesel from the district fire brigade leadership, for the kissingen fire brigade city fire chief michael wolf, as well as the commanders or deputies of almost all surrounding fire brigades up to ramsthal and ebenhausen – and of course many garitzers, of whom many were to be honored that evening.

Johannes oerding is one of the hottest german-speaking pop artists. On friday, 13. July, he will play at the open-air festival on the former state garden show grounds in kitzingen. A talk about loyal fans, the demand for live performances and the social responsibility of musicians.

Have you ever heard anything about kitzingen??

What a sound! Together, the two choruses and the st.-georgs blasers of the mother of god with the jointly sung song of mary "O heavenly woman queen". It is the moving conclusion of a wonderful concert full of impressive horerlebnisse. The "sing-with-songs" circle gundelsdorf, the "liederkranz" (choir) haig and the st.-georgs-blaser friesen – they all presented their numerous audience with an entertaining and varied musical experience full of surprises. Variety, encounters and the joy of music – this is how the organ, wind and choir concert on the occasion of the ninth german organ day in steinberg could be summarized. The respective conductors had put together a multifaceted mixture of demanding pieces that impressively underscored the broad repertoire of their sound bodies. In the atmospheric ambience of the historic castle church, they provided their enthusiastic guests with a musical hour to pause for a moment.

"Butterfly arrived brilliantly"

The contributions of the "sing-with-a-song-wreath" were heartwarming gundelsdorf and surroundings, where herbert clerico swings the baton. The singers sang the musical creed "the world is full of wonders" in perfect unison as well as "come, lord, bless us" as well as the evening concert "es ist fruh spat geworden" to. The choir performed the german version of the 1970s hit "butterfly" with great verve. The stucco was then also received brilliantly by the visitors.

Loyal trio on the trombone

Since 1928, their motto has been: "praising god is our office!" the holzhausen trombone choir looks back on a long tradition and honored three of its achievers: trombone choir chairman erich habfurter honored willi koch for his 50 years of service to the church. Blaserjubilaum, his son jurgen koch already celebrated his 40th birthday. Anniversary, and thorsten schmidt has been blowing the trombone for a quarter of a century. The awards were presented at a festive service in holzhausen's heilig-kreuz church.

Once a founding member of dorflis

In a short speech, erich habfurter acknowledged the merits of the honorees. Half a century ago, willi koch was among the founding members of the trombone choir in dorflis. Originally trained on the slide trombone by herbert hofmann from gleisenau, he later switched to the tuba, which he still plays with great passion today.
For many years he was active in dorflis in the training of young lasers. 21 years ago he joined the trombone choir in holzhausen and since then has been a reliable and mainstay of the church's festive music.
His son jurgen followed in the footsteps of his father, who trained him on the trumpet 40 years ago. Soon the talented young musician noticed that conducting is also in his blood and gives him a lot of fun and joy. And so he has been active for 23 years as a choir director and blower in holzhausen. It is mainly thanks to his dedication and skills that the holzhausen trombone choir is known and respected far beyond the local area. For more than ten years, jurgen koch has also been wielding the baton as district choir director.
Third congratulated thorsten schmidt. He learned to play the slide trombone 25 years ago from erich habfurter. The chairman took this opportunity to appeal to children, grandchildren and acquaintances to recruit new members. Only enough young brass players, he stressed, guarantee the continued existence of the choir. And this, he said, was the only way to prevent holzhauser kirchenmusik from literally running out of steam one day.