At first, they vacillated between jitters and deep relaxation. The 25 trainees sitting more or less excitedly at the wheel of their car are all in their third year of training at dr. Tailor group of companies. But they don’t just go for a drive, they undergo driver safety training. The aim: to introduce young people to the "reality of transport" to get. They should learn to control their vehicles safely even in extreme situations.

Stefanie dietzel, head of the dr. Schneider academy: "we wanted to offer something outside the usual standard and thought a driving safety training course was a great idea. Our employees are the heart of the company. We care about your health."

In the coalition poker between the union and the SPD, a preliminary decision is expected on thursday. Union and SPD meet in berlin at noon for their third round of exploratory talks. After that, the SPD will decide whether there are enough cuts to recommend the start of coalition negotiations to its party convention on sunday. Following the greens' rejection of a coalition with the union, a grand coalition is considered the most likely option, but the SPD expects concessions to be made during the exploratory talks.

From the union there are meanwhile first compromise signals. CSU leader horst seehofer declared himself ready to accept the minimum wage of 8.50 euros demanded by the SPD if the union also achieves decisive success in the talks. "For me, everything is outstanding: no tax increases and no new debts", he told the "suddeutsche zeitung".

Vaccination commission: vaccinate those under 30 only with biontech

Children over 12 and adolescents and adults under 30 to be vaccinated only with biontech/pfizer’s corona vaccine in future, not moderna’s, according to standing vaccination commission (stiko).

Recent reporting analyses showed that myocardial and pericardial inflammation was observed more frequently in this age group after moderna vaccination (spikevax) than after biontech vaccination (comirnaty). This was announced by the stiko on wednesday.

1.8 million germans suffer from heart failure. 300,000 new cases of heart disease are diagnosed every year, and 30,000 patients die of heart disease each year. The audience at the vdk health forum in habfurt learned about this and how to recognize and treat the disease from doctor winfried schorb.
The doctor had two key messages: heart failure is as deadly as a tumor if it is not treated, and it is not a natural symptom of aging. Many patients make this mistake. They accept it as quite normal when they are old and their performance declines. "The heart can function well for 120 years. If there is less performance, then it is due to illness", the internist emphasized his call to go to the doctor if breathlessness sets in after a few steps, heart palpitations occur or water deposits appear in the legs.

Several causes

Causes for heart failure are mostly the vessels, if they are burdened by deposits or over decades not treated high blood pressure, or a valvular disease, a spread flu, rarely also congenital heart defects. Winfried schorb pointed out that an ECG is usually not sufficient as an examination. Many impairments of the heart became visible only with ultrasound. If there are indications of a circulatory disorder, a cardiac catheterization may be necessary, he advised.
Heart failure is accompanied by numerous concomitant diseases, because the organism is no longer supplied with sufficient nutrients. These include respiratory diseases, kidney dysfunction, sleep apnea and cardiac arrhythmias. Because of the reduced efficiency and quality of life, many patients also develop depression.

May protective masks be worn at the wheel of driving services?

Section 23, paragraph 4, of the road traffic regulations is currently causing uncertainty. The law states that "anyone driving a motor vehicle must not cover or conceal their face in such a way that they are no longer recognizable." but especially the employees of the numerous driving services such as the workers’ samaritan association (ASB) do not usually sit alone in the vehicle – and therefore have to wear a mouth guard in corona times. A representative of the police confirmed to the ASB that the health aspects are paramount.

Since the minimum distance in a vehicle can usually not be guaranteed, the wearing of a mouth guard is permitted and required. It is not a matter of concealing one’s identity, which is actually forbidden.