Adelsdorf scouts work on their home

The adelsdorf scouts, the tribe raubvogel (scout association mosaik), took three weekends to work intensively stammesheim.
To build such a rough home – after all, one of the roughest scout homes in germany – was already a feat that the raubvogel tribe – certainly with state subsidies and the help of the forderverein – managed all by itself. The old and young scouts lent a hand and have spent a lot of free time on this building over the last ten years, although they certainly didn’t often feel like it.
This year the project "tower" will be completed on the program. "We have torn out the entire tile floor in the kitchen on the first floor of the tower, which is difficult to clean, and now the new, better tiles have to be laid, according tobi (klose), the deputy tribal leader. "To our construction weekends came even support from koln. Kevin (gotz), of the darconis tribe, is a skilled tiler, and he spontaneously agreed to help us." but also some "old scouts, those who are no longer active because they have outgrown the scouting age, come to these three weekends and work hard with us.
Besides the kitchen, the wall covering in the staircase will be mounted, the cellar will be prepared, a showcase and a mullmobile will be built. The missing panels in the front of the house will be painted in the colors of the house and later installed.
And after tiling, the kitchen must be reinstalled and all appliances reconnected.

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