Corona pandemic: more attack surface for cyber criminals

"In addition, since millions of people work from home on short notice, the less well-protected IT surface has grown," says the paper by the CDU-affiliated foundation, which was obtained by the deutsche presse agency. Unlike large companies, authorities and organizations, there is usually a lack of professional protection for the IT system.

The pandemic also offers the opportunity to use people’s uncertainty, curiosity and need for information specifically for criminal or insidious activities, the author says. "With personal health, the need for information can be particularly aroused – especially when it comes, for example, to protective measures, alleged treatment methods, a vaccination or supposed information from government agencies."

Air berlin insolvency administrator lucas flother expects a flood of bankruptcies soon due to the corona crisis. The only question is whether it will come in the fall or not until next year. "The wave of bugs is just building up," he said on wednesday evening in a video conference of the munich business press club.

Karstadt kaufhof, the vapiano and maredo restaurant chains, the hallhuber fashion company and the stadthalle bonn-bad godesberg were the first prominent victims in april to file for bankruptcy or flee under a protective umbrella. In tourism, in the aviation industry, it is not only the revenues that have now completely collapsed – their world will also be different after the crisis: "I don’t believe that you can still fly to majorca for 23 euros. No one flies from berlin to frankfurt for a two-hour meeting anymore," said the spokesman for the "gravenbrucher kreis" of leading insolvency administrators. Flother is also the court-appointed trustee of the ailing vacation airline condor.

Manner-wg secures Bamberg's electricity and water supply

A few weeks ago, sven weber would never have dreamed of going into voluntary quarantine at his place of work. Meanwhile, since monday, he and three colleagues have been controlling all of the city utility's networks and technical systems from a building section that is accessible only to them. The manner is isolated from the outside world to prevent contagion and ensure the operation of critical infrastructure during the pandemic.

"We don't have cabin fever, and we're all getting along just fine", weber says on the phone and laughs. The 21-year-old worked the early shift from 6 a.M. To 12 p.M. On thursday, keeping an eye on bamberg's electricity, gas and water networks during this time. After a home-cooked lunch, he played a game of bocce with the three colleagues who weren't on duty at the time.

Kliegl kindergarten bad kissingen: on the way to normality

Good news from the kliegl kindergarten. Step by step, the ghost of corona is going away. Since tuesday, the majority of children are allowed to visit the facility again. As michaela atzler from the catholic church foundation of the parish community of jesus – source of life bad kissingen confirmed on tuesday when asked, the health department allowed the return of most children on monday. The only exceptions are the 20 or so children for whom a 14-day quarantine was ordered after contact with a corona-infected educator. This deadline will also expire in a few days.

70 to 75 children arrive

According to michaela atzler, this means that 70 to 75 of the 93 children cared for by the facility can now return to their groups. The relaxation is considered a prerequisite for a necessary operation, including the personnel. Even then, those for whom the fourteen-day quarantine period expired were allowed to resume work.

A versatile tool in the changing times

The museum of the heimatverein weisendorf will be open also next sunday in compliance with the safety regulations. The focus this time is on agriculture.

When agriculture was still a "craft scythes were an important tool in the cutting of grain and grass. The sickles are known in central europe since the beginning of the iron age, later they evolved into coarser sickles with a long handle and angled blade. Already on illustrations from the time around 800 scythes can be found, as they are still used today. With their help, one could mow grain and grass in an almost upright position.

It’s set to be the "biggest online protest ever": the climate movement fridays for future wants to demonstrate for more climate protection in many countries in the middle of the corona crisis.

Because of the worldwide pandemic, the actions take place mainly on the internet. "Fight every crisis," many young people have written on signs in recent days – fight every crisis.

federal and state governments end corona dispute

After weeks of dispute, the federal and state governments have again agreed on a joint basic strategy for further containment of the corona pandemic.

The compromise reached in berlin on wednesday continues to rely in particular on the nationwide continuation of the minimum distance of 1.5 meters, stronger hygiene measures and the wearing of mouth and nose coverings in certain areas. In the event of a positive course of infection, however, it also envisages the return of schools to regular operation by no later than after the summer vacations, and relaxes the ban on coarse events through conceivable exceptions.