Cloudbase turned up the heat once again

Now more than ever, said the musicians of the paraglider band cloudbase at their last performance for the time being. In the wood workshop, the sextet really turned up the heat once again. Its presence there at the beginning of the christmas season had become a secret tip over the past years. Those who found it too tranquil at the advent market in hammelburg were given a boost for the start of the shortest days of the year by the driving detour into rock history.

So also in 2019. The musicians gave everything once again. Even before the concert, it had leaked out that the formation was thinking of quitting because the death of band member dieter schneider in february 2019 had left deep emotional scars.

But real rock 'n' rollers make themselves immortal through their music, and so the performance was certainly a tribute to all the highs and lows of the band's eight-year history. And when the musicians sang a song in memory of their deceased sanger and guitarist, an emotional high point was reached.

Otherwise the program of rock classics and songs from the younger hit parades left less room for melancholy. Sometimes there was hardly a way through in the workshop, and the audience danced in front of the stage. It seemed a bit as if the musicians themselves didn't really want to admit their farewells.

Only when host harald fischlein, with an eye on the advanced hour well after midnight, briefly switched on the lights, did the encores begin.

To thank the host, frontman marcel lubbe came up with an iconic ceremony. With cheering background music from his colleagues, he nailed a guitar to the wall as a souvenir. But the instrument did not last long.

The fact that fischlein had to help out with a cordless screwdriver and a fat spax was seen by guests as a good omen for a comeback by cloudbase. Sure: you don't hang your talent on the nail so easily! And that could also be lubbe in view of the exuberant accompaniment of the audience gedammert. Moved he spoke only of a longer pubic break. So it's possible that the musical flyers will be heard from in the future. 

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