Hole in the red square

When a building and environment committee meets, the "session" can be a "meeting" quickly also run off in the style of a hiking day. Then it goes back and forth in the community, from one focal point to another. Starting point of the last meeting of this kind was the albert swiss school.
An energy renovation began there in the spring of 2011. By the end of 2013, a new heating system, new exterior insulation and roof damming must be completed. "We are already ahead of schedule, albertshofen’s mayor horst reuther (CSU) confirms with satisfaction. In the course of this work, however, it quickly became clear that there was much more to be done at the school, and so the general renovation began. This must be completed by the end of 2014 in order to be guaranteed the state’s claim funds.
Christian kuster from the commissioned architectural firm AK-plus presented the outstanding measurements in detail to the municipal politicians. After that, it was decided to carry out locksmith work on the stairs, walkways and the roofing of the entrance to the gymnasium, as well as to renovate the chimney system and carry out a wide range of work on the ventilation systems. With more than 90,000 euros, they make up the largest item in the budget plan "however, the amount has been negotiated very roughly and will certainly not be exhausted to this extent", reuther appeased.
Escape balconies, for example, still have to be built into the facade, a "green classroom" with stone banks in the free one does not build against it. Paving work, new staircases and various works on the school’s grounds are now underway. The city is now looking for sponsors for new trees in front of the school.
The "red square" was subjected to a critical review, the sports field behind the school. Cracks or first holes in the rubber coating make an intervention necessary here. If the running track and the all-weather pitch are completely renewed, the cost will be around 76,000 euros.
"The pitch will only last another ten years at best", explained architect kuster. It remains to be seen whether it will be enough just to repair the holes by then, or whether the item will be integrated into the general renovation.

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