The settlement in hallstadt is also being cleared

In two respects: on the one hand, the split-up settlement of borstig, built after the end of the war, lies within a 1000-meter radius, which means that about 30 hallstadters have to leave the area. Secondly, the partial closures of the a 73 and a 70 will certainly bring a lot of diverted traffic to hallstadt.

Since hallstadt’s mayor markus zirkel (SPD) was informed about the evacuation by bamberg’s mayor andreas stark on wednesday, a small staff has been formed in hallstadt’s town hall to coordinate the on-site evacuations.

This included, among other things, that all households in the area were informed, in addition to the notice on the city’s website, households received a visit from city staff yesterday, thursday, where they were individually informed of the evacuation and received answers to their questions. They also distributed information letters on the evacuation procedure.According to further information from the hallstadt town hall, the residents are advised to spend sunday best away from the shops. Otherwise, they also have the possibility to visit the known quarters of the city of bamberg. In return, hallstadt makes parking spaces available to bamberger car dealers for their new cars (including at the outdoor pool).

The fire department of the city of hallstadt, it was further learned, will be engaged in detour work.
On the one hand, traffic from the north (from the direction of breitengubbach and gundelsheim) is routed through the city. Traffic from the south of the berliner ring will also be diverted through hallstadt and out again in the west.

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