The clear pit is a discontinued model

There is no right time for unexpected investments. This was also stated by the chairman of the beekeepers association munnerstadt and surroundings. He holds a letter from the district office in his hand. The club’s attention is drawn in the letter to the fact that the clubhouse’s small-clear facility no longer meets the legal requirements under certain circumstances. This is a rather inconvenient letter. Because the club does not have money for a conversion at the moment. He is currently planning the expansion of the educational apiary, and for this all the funds of the association are committed.
The beekeepers’ association in munnerstadt is not the only gebaude owner to have received a letter from the district office in recent weeks. 231 operators of small clear systems were sent out throughout the district, according to the press officer at the district administration office, steffen hoffler. The district wants to check whether these small-capacity facilities are up to the state of the art. The main question is whether they meet the legal requirements. In its letter, the landratsamt has again referred to the government of lower franconia, which is strongly insisting on compliance with the current water regulations.
The government’s press spokesman, johannes hardenacke, confirms that they do. However, the legal situation has been pressing for years, according to hardenacke. Since 2002, there have been new legal regulations for the operation of small-scale clearing systems. The wastewater ordinance stipulates that the wastewater disposal of buildings that are not connected to a central disposal system must have biological treatment. Otherwise the legal limits would not be complied with.
Actually, the conversion of all plants was supposed to be completed in 2015. The government had repeatedly pointed out the legal situation and asked the district offices to take care of it. But there are still many unresolved issues, as is the case in the district of bad kissingen. For this reason, there has just been another meeting with the representatives of the district authorities at the wurzburg authority. The plant operators have also been made aware that there are requirements for the enclosure. "But these expired in 2015 and are not expected to be reopened", thus the bitter pill of stefan hardenacke to all, which missed this time like the beekeeper association in munnerstadt.
Dieter scholzke can remember that there was indeed a reference to the legal changes at some point in the past. The beekeepers association had so far felt on legally safe side, since it operates a clear pit, which does not lead the waste water into a water, but over a company dispose of lets. Steffen hoffler also thinks that the letter from the district office does not necessarily mean that every system has to be rerustet.
The land office offers all property owners to contact the land office if there are any uncertainties in this regard.
Dieter scholzke takes the request of the district office seriously. "We will probably have to do something," he says, he interprets the letter. However, the new building has priority for the time being, in order not to endanger the budding young talent work in the association. But dieter scholzke does not know where to install such a biological clarification system at the educational apiary. Because around the bee plant is the former mull heap of the city. And there, as is well known, as little interference as possible should be made with the soil.

Who has to prove what? At the beginning of this year, the district court of nurnberg dealt in a decision with the question of which principles of burden of proof apply when a customer suffers an injury in a store.

The plaintiff visited a furniture store in nurnberg in october 2018 to make purchases, as friedrich weitner, judge at the higher regional court, stated in this regard. She claims that a sign hanging from the ceiling fell down and hit her in the head. This sign had been made of solid plastic material and had hit her with the tip.

gift ideas for mother's day: it doesn't always have to be flowers

A warning beforehand: a new vacuum cleaner or other household appliances are in most cases not the ideal mother's day gift. Because at least on one day you liked to free the all-round talent of cook, chauffeur and nurse from these activities.

Mother's day on 14. May 2017 – what to give?

But what are the best gifts to show your mother how grateful you are to her?? You don't have to spend a lot of money for it, most of the time it's the personalized gifts that give the most joy. We have collected for you a few creative, delicious and also extravagant ideas.

private individuals and businesses can enhance habfurt's city center

Ulrike langer since last year, the entire downtown area of habfurt has been included in the urban development program "active urban districts and local centers". This means that in addition to the implementation of structural measures by the city, the active participation of private individuals is also desired. Therefore, the finance and main committee of the city council decided in its meeting on wednesday evening in the town hall to establish a project fund in the amount of 40000 euro for this year.

As robert barth from the city planning department explained, the project fund is intended to encourage private individuals to develop and implement their own ideas for redeveloping the city center together with the city. The integrated rural development concept is taken as a yardstick. The fund is to be used for small projects of up to 10,000 euros each. Every euro invested by private individuals or business people is matched by a euro from the public purse. The city of habfurt pays 40 cents, while the city construction takes over 60 cents. Therefore, the city must finance only 8000 euros of the total amount of 40 000 euros.

What happens when the electricity supplier goes bankrupt??

50,000 customers – at least that’s the figure given by the federal association of energy consumers. DEG went bankrupt at the end of last year. The mainleus market was also a DEG electricity customer.

"We were affected", confirms head of building office hans-georg busch, who speaks of a novelty. Now the municipality has to look for a new supplier. The municipal council decides who will be responsible for this.

They’ve done it: the necessary money has been raised and the floodlights are shining brightly. The organizers of the BMX cycling community of herzogenaurach can be satisfied.

In may, the club called on the public to participate in a crowdfunding campaign. The aim was to raise a sum of 5,000 euros. This amount was necessary to renew the floodlight system. This in turn was necessary so that the club can continue to organize the legendary night race.

More geldhauser burden savers negative interest rates on

According to the comparison portal verivox, the trend towards negative interest rates on call money accounts accelerated during the corona crisis. According to data from the portal, 80 financial institutions have currently published minus interest rates in their price lists (as of 8 a.M.). April).

Of these, 23 institutions led from 9. Marz to negative interest one. These apply to new customers first. The clear majority of the institutes spares its private customers so far however of it.

A picture returns to himmelkron

"A picture returns home." these were the words used by the former first chief inspector of the police, horst hor from the himmelkron district of lanzendorf, to describe the ceremonial presentation of the picture in bayreuth city hall with mayor brigitte merk-erbe and mayor gerhard schneider.

The picture shows a view of the western outskirts of himmelkron with the collegiate church in the center from the elevation on the road to trebgast. Horst hor discovered the picture one day at the bayreuth city police station. It took him 15 years of effort to return this painting to its place of origin in himmelkron. On tuesday afternoon, the time had finally come for the two highest officials of the city of bayreuth and the municipality of himmelkron to solemnize this handover with a deed of transfer.

"A dream" – stand over the open-air with fredi breunig and spilk in schmalwasser. The heimatverein had invited and everything was fine. The sun was shining, the people of schmalwasser and many guests accepted the invitation, even before the performances began everyone was satisfied.

Fredi breunig's statement that a joint performance with the guys from spilk in schmalwasser "A dream" is was already clear in advance.

The VW group subsidiary traton, which owns the MAN and scania brands, is calling for a europe-wide scrappage scheme for trucks.

"It won’t tolerate any postponement until the end of the year," said traton boss and VW board member andreas renschler in munich on monday: "something like this has to be done relatively quickly."