Kindergarten children learn basketball in a playful way

By andrea sporlein

in the strullendorf hauptsmoorhalle, where usually the "heroes" are of the brose baskets, this time it was marie, fabrice, jannes and the other children from the kindergartens involved in the "kiga baskets" project kindergarten involved.

For around three quarters of a year, the eight participating kindergartens in breitengubbach, litzendorf, gaustadt, strullendorf and the bamberger kindergarten st. Urban and the kindergarten at the stadium basketball-enthusiastic children to an approximately one-hour training session with specially trained youth coaches of the brose baskets. In a fixed group, the children are motivated to move with the basketball, they playfully learn the necessary technique and the "fair treatment" together.

"Tremendously motivated"
Project manager markus lempetzeder, who has just won the german championship with the U14 team and coaches various challenge groups, is full of praise for his youngest proteges. "The kids have made great progress and are tremendously motivated", is his conclusion. "It's really fun to work with them". Requests from other kindergartens have already come to him.

Early approaches
Inspiration for this project came from a visit to lithuania. Here the children are introduced to the game of basketball at a very early age. The necessary financial support is given to the project "kiga baskets" by the savings bank bamberg. Their marketing manager stefanie endres sees the "youth requirement as early as kindergarten as an extremely important concern, especially at a time when exercise and team sports are no longer a matter of course".

For wolfgang heyder, managing director of the brose baskets, it is "very important to get children excited about basketball as early as kindergarten age" and thus to place the sport "in the broad public" . For fabrice (6) and jannes (6) from the strullendorf kindergarten, such considerations were rather unimportant. Kunigund. They just have fun playing basketball and like to show what they can already do.

Spab despite rough heat
For her facility manager sylvia friedrich the project "kiga baskets" is "a real enrichment for the work with the preschool children." she says that the children are "enthusiastic about the training" and "totally sad, if the practice lesson has to be cancelled". Especially the motoric progress of the children is unbelievable for them. For the educator it would be a great pity if the "little basketball players" had to after the end of their kindergarten time sportily could not develop further. However, in st. Kunigund will continue with the project next year and they have already signed up for it.

Various stations were set up in the main moor hall to train the children in technique, endurance, ball throwing and team spirit. To the delight of all, "freaky" also visited the event the mascot of the brose baskets, the project day. Despite the high temperatures in the hall, the children completed their program with joy and great stamina. Who knows, maybe a second anton gavel was already involved?

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