Freeways overloaded – many traffic jams in easter traffic

Freeways overloaded - many traffic jams in easter traffic

Traffic jams, traffic jams, traffic jams – many vacationers had to be patient over the long easter weekend in bavaria. Especially on the thursday and friday there were the famous avalanches of metal. Traffic jams and gridlocks again on easter monday.

On thursday, the ADAC registered a good 2900 traffic jams, which added up to a total of more than 6600 kilometers. Especially around the big cities with their agglomeration areas it became crowded in the afternoons and evenings. The holiday traffic and the start of the vacation coincided there, said an ADAC spokeswoman. "Not only vacationers, but also commuters were on the road."

The streets filled up at noon on good friday. Among others, the A8 munich towards salzburg, the A3 frankfurt-wurzburg and the A7 between hamburg and hanover were severely affected. "We have traffic jams on almost all major vacation routes, but mostly they are smaller ones of three to five kilometers long", said the spokeswoman. Taken together, there were around 1100 traffic jams on good friday, totaling more than 2600 kilometers long.

However, there were around 20 percent fewer traffic jams on good friday than in the previous year, while there were around 20 percent more on the first thursday of the month than in 2016 – many holidaymakers started the easter weekend early. On saturday and sunday, it was comparatively quiet on the streets.

Drivers had to be patient on bavaria’s long-distance roads on easter monday as well. Traffic jams and gridlocks occurred repeatedly this afternoon, especially on the A8 salzburg-munich, the A9 munich-nurnberg and the A3 near wurzburg, according to a spokesman for the traffic situation center in rosenheim. "There’s a bit of a pinch at the usual corners", said the spokesman. But the feared massive disruptions in easter traffic had failed to materialize.

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