Blowing the advertising horn

For the first time, the habberge district presented itself with wine and beer at the "land&" experience fair enjoyment" of the german agricultural society (DLG) in frankfurt. A few days after the end of the fair, beer prince sebastian gocker and the sander wine princess draw a positive balance: "our goal was to bring our county, where beer and wine meet, closer as an attractive destination for excursions and enjoyment." with wines from the abt-degen wine valley and beers from the local private breweries, which are united under the umbrella of "naturally from here" the visitors got a small impression of the culinary diversity of the district habberge.
The interest in the booth of the working group of german queens was great, confirmed the two sander winemakers rudi rub and stefan goger, who actively supported the majesties during their two-day trade fair assignment. They also took the opportunity to promote the beautiful landscape and diverse attractions of their home region.

The "vinator is well received"

Wine and beer go hand in hand in the district of habberge, as the visitors to the fair could see for themselves. The "vinator" is symbolic of the fusion of these two cultural assets from the bayer brewery (theinheim). The wine-beer hybrid was very well received at the tasting, as were the other beer specialties blood secret (craft beer) and sour cherry secret (based on the belgian model). But also the classic beer varieties such as the kaiser-heinrich-urstoff from the brewery goller (zeil) and the pils from the brewery raab (hofheim) whetted appetites for more. And the winemakers have also aroused curiosity with their wines. The fair visitors were blown away by the noble wines.

Compliments received

"Really a supremely good taste", says a 35-year-old hessian and pours herself another sip of the barrique-aged grauburgunder auslese from the goger winery in sand am main. "An excellent wine in the true sense of the word", explains wine princess anna-lena gottschalk, because for this first-class grape juice, winemaker stefan goger received the international wine award mundus vini 2017 in silver. Mundus vini is one of the most important wine competitions in the world. And at the french wine ceremony, the wine even won a gold medal.
An elderly couple at the trade show booth prefers red wine and has a "pinotin" with it from the winery gottschalk discovered his new favorite wine. "The ruby red color, the scent of black cherries and the mild taste are unique", the two pensioners are convinced that the wine really deserves the silver medal of the french wine awards.

Half-hour stage performance

The fair visitors were also enthusiastic about the other classic franken wines, such as domina (silver medal, weinbau jasmin und rudi rub) and grunen silvaner (winery gottschalk).
The highlight of the trade fair premiere in frankfurt was a half-hour stage performance by wine princess anna-lena gottschalk and beer prince sebastian gocker, hosted by hessischer rundfunk radio. Together with the two winegrowers rudi russ and stefan goger, the two sovereigns vigorously promoted wine and beer from the habberge district and praised the beautiful landscape and the many sights to be discovered in their home region. The message has been received by many connoisseurs. They got a taste for it, the planning for the next excursion from hesse to lower franconia is ready.

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