Recognition: friedbert reichert knows half the club’s history

recognition: friedbert reichert knows half the club's history

"It is strictly forbidden to visit public houses during a fire without the permission of the commanding officer or the train driver", as can be read in the over one hundred year old statutes of the garitz volunteer fire department. A festive reception in the gymnasium at the weekend celebrated both the founding of the fire department 150 years ago and that of the youth band of the garitz volunteer fire department 50 years ago.

In 1842, after a devastating fire in hamburg, the foundation stone was laid for the entire modern fire department in germany. First in the big cities, but already 27 years later, the people of garitz also founded their voluntary fire department, lieb 2. Commander georg schmitt let the numerous guests know right at the beginning of his funeral service. And many people came: a third of the city council, above all mayor kay blankenburg, district fire chief benno metz and district fire chief steffen kiesel from the district fire brigade leadership, for the kissingen fire brigade city fire chief michael wolf, as well as the commanders or deputies of almost all surrounding fire brigades up to ramsthal and ebenhausen – and of course many garitzers, of whom many were to be honored that evening.

First club flag still preserved

On 28. October 1869, almost 150 years ago to the day, the garitz fire department was founded in the presence of the municipal administration. Ten days later the statutes were drawn up at the first general meeting. The statutes of this community are so well arranged from the beginning, that they were returned to a higher authority with the remark "against the organization of the fire department of garitz, which is created for this place, no reminder is to be made". The first piece of equipment was a pressurized fire engine, which the then head of the village was able to buy second-hand from the saltworks in kissingen. The 28 members of the fire brigade received the first club flag from a private donor one year later, which is still preserved today. The number of active and passive members increased steadily and already in 1947, only two years after the end of the world war, the first motor fire engine was purchased, five years later a second one. The garitz fire brigade became really motorized in 1955, when a second-hand post bus was converted into a fire engine on its own initiative. Almost ten years later, the first "real" car arrived in the form of an opel blitz and new loschfahrzeug into the at that time still independent municipality. The garitz lake was also given over to its intended use as a pond during this time.

85 fire departments took part in the 100-year foundation celebration under commander herbert reichert, the youth band was founded and the fire department was able to buy a multi-purpose vehicle together with trailer and accessories from the proceeds. The situation was similar ten years later, when on the occasion of the 110th anniversary a plantation dance was also organized. With the financial proceeds, the equipment could be improved considerably: since 1980, the fire brigade has had three vehicles at its disposal, which were moved to the new accommodation in the seehofstrabe 19a in the middle of the seventies. In 1993 the fire department also opened up for women in active fire department. 20 years later the first tanker stood in one of the vehicle boxes. Like many other vehicles of the garitz fire brigade before it, it was bought second-hand and brought up to the current standard of a TLF2000. All this dear commandant ralf schubert know and that garitz can rely at the moment on 52 active.

Involvement in village life

District fire chief benno metz: "for the people here in garitz and beyond, this fire brigade is a stroke of luck, as it has been a part of the community for 150 years. 150 years of voluntary fire department mean voluntary and selfless commitment over five generations". As "a valuable part of the village community" deputy district administrator emil muller also referred to the garitz fire brigade. At that time, 150 years ago, the fire brigades had a different mission, today they have a different portfolio: "they are involved in an environment, so that the village life can function and be filled with life", according to the local politician.

The mayor of garitz, kay blankenburg, also attested the garitz floriansjungern a great readiness for action and a great youth work, which is not only limited to the idea of safety, but also an integral part of the club life, just "garitz spirit" be. The head of the town emphasized one man who, with his 75 years as a member of the fire department, has been actively involved in the history of the association for exactly half of that time: honorary member friedbert reichert.

The garitzer is on 15. July 1944 joined the fire department garitz. Now he was honored for his 75 years of service in front of a large audience and with great appreciation – as were many other deserving members that evening (see info box). Not only active and passive members of the fire department were honored, but also members and supporters of the youth band of the volunteer fire department, which celebrated its 50th anniversary on this day. So the chapel board under its chairman fabian schopf and jakob martens appointed christa reichert, ewald soder, walter duck and arnold hubert as their honorary members. Christa reichert was the conductor of the band for almost 20 years, ewald soder was the conductor for the same length of time, walter duck was the chairman of the band for almost ten years, from 1994 to 2003. Arnold hubert was 1. Trombonist for 40 years, besides 15 years cashier and at all festivals a "very diligent helper behind the counter". But there was one person who was not forgotten, through whom the idea of founding a fire department band was born – herbert reichert. He was the commander of the garitz fire brigade 50 years ago and it is thanks to him that the garitz fire brigade is one of the few to have its own music band.

Herbert reichert was appointed honorary chairman by the fire department band’s officers. As fabian schopf explained, the basic idea at the time was that the youth should be taken from the strabe. This would be after 50 years still as important as back then. Further greetings for the anniversary of the band and the fire department came from the comrades from bad kissingen, the godfather brigade from ramsthal, from the association ring and pastor edwin ziegler.

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