The art of sound

The art of sound

It was easy for andrea hubner, a music teacher with a degree in elementary music education, to get the elementary school children of the schlossberg elementary school excited about music. Together with teachers karin kuttner and helmut conrady, she started the "wim project" in classes 1 a and 2 a. "Wim" stands for "we make music.
Andrea hubner teaches at the munnerstadt music school, among other places, and will be coming to the two classes on fridays for the next 18 months. The music pedagogue's work is paid for by the nudlinger musikanten, because the goal of an early basic musical education raises their hopes for a successful demand for new talent.

The cornerstones
About the concept of "wim, the program, which was developed at the hammelburg music academy, includes several key elements, including elements of basic musical education, singing and dancing together, instrument presentations and performances of what has been learned in the context of school events. Indirectly, the development of the children's personalities should also be sustainably challenged. Teachers karin kuttner and helmut conrady have already taken part in further training courses at the bavarian music academy in hammelburg.
"We first make music without instruments", andrea hubner declared the first "wim"-hour. Immediately she had the 16 second graders on her side. There was a lot of stomping on the ground, snapping fingers, clicking tongues and clapping hands. Then the kids practiced with great enthusiasm what is called "body percussion" is called: making sounds with your own body. Quick movements are also part of it.

Already experience
Finally, the elementary school children sat in a circle on the floor and looked at the different musical instruments that andrea hubner had brought with her and spread out in the middle. In response to the question "who plays an instrument??", some of the children came forward. Kilian is already an enthusiastic drummer. Other children have already gained experience with the guitar or the glockenspiel.

Each child was allowed to choose an instrument of his choice and to elicit tone from it. Benedikt was amazed at the natural noises he can create with the sea drum. Class teacher conrady was no exception; he opted for the "cucumber".

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