Nurnberg’s debacle puts wiesinger in trouble

Nurnberg's debacle puts wiesinger in trouble

The day after the collective experience of frustration, the 1. FC nurnberg spellbound silence. The club’s superiors drove up to the club grounds a few hours after the 0:5 home debacle against hamburger SV and disappeared behind closed doors.

There, besides the desolate sporting situation, the future of coach michael wiesinger was the first topic of conversation. The 40-year-old is worried about losing his job, and even the sports director martin bader, who has always been loyal to auben, no longer has his back.

"These are deep wounds. We’ll always find a solution, and we’ll find a solution this time, too," commented a visibly shocked bader after the biggest home defeat since october 1998 (1:5 against 1860 munich). In principle, it was always his job to strengthen the back of a managerial employee, explained bader. But after such a debacle, he did not want to and could not do that this time for once. "Something happened that really made our stomachs hurt," reported FCN boss.

A meeting of the board of directors and supervisory board at the franken was still scheduled for monday, according to dpa information, the club bosses around bader wanted to sit down in the late afternoon. A spokeswoman announced that "under the fresh impression of sunday, coming to terms with the hsv debacle was a main point" of the debate.

Only ten months ago, after dieter hecking’s flash farewell to wolfsburg, bader had promoted wiesinger from amateur to professional coach. In the spring, the negotiations about a contract extension already ran zah – also because bader was said, with coach-nobody wiesinger not necessarily a longer engagement to strive for. But since the former bayern pro was also able to point to many sporting successes in the past season, the cooperation has lasted – at least until now.

But with sunday’s dismantling, the mood against wiesinger is turning – not only on the boards, but also among the spectators. After 0:3 midway through the second half, the first shouts of "wiesinger out" could be heard from the stands; after 0:5, a large proportion of the spectators left the stadium early. Wiesinger had to take the blame from the fans for what his professionals had previously screwed up on the pitch. "A catastrophe. We did everything wrong that you can do wrong in the bundesliga. It was inexplicable and unbelievable," said defense attorney per nilsson.

The swede was one of the few people to answer the journalists’ questions. Captain raphael schafer, otherwise a habitually critical regular in the mixed zone, trudged past with a depressed expression, shaking his head. Josip drmic, who formed a completely ineffective one-two with tomas pekhart in the changed system, advised a ruthless analysis: "now at the end you have to ask many questions: why, why, why??" the swiss said and added helplessly afterwards: "we don’t know ourselves."

Wiesinger now has to worry about his job, which he himself knows exactly how to do. "I also question myself. A 5-0 loss like that is brutal, you don’t have many arguments as a coach," he said. The fierce fan reactions "get to you. But it’s my job to put up with it," he said. Wiesinger used to be a professional in nurnberg, since 2011 he has been part of the franken coaching team. "I live the club," he claimed of himself, "i do the things i can influence". Now he has little influence on the decision.

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