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What a sound! Together, the two choruses and the st.-georgs blasers of the mother of god with the jointly sung song of mary "O heavenly woman queen". It is the moving conclusion of a wonderful concert full of impressive horerlebnisse. The "sing-with-songs" circle gundelsdorf, the "liederkranz" (choir) haig and the st.-georgs-blaser friesen – they all presented their numerous audience with an entertaining and varied musical experience full of surprises. Variety, encounters and the joy of music – this is how the organ, wind and choir concert on the occasion of the ninth german organ day in steinberg could be summarized. The respective conductors had put together a multifaceted mixture of demanding pieces that impressively underscored the broad repertoire of their sound bodies. In the atmospheric ambience of the historic castle church, they provided their enthusiastic guests with a musical hour to pause for a moment.

"Butterfly arrived brilliantly"

The contributions of the "sing-with-a-song-wreath" were heartwarming gundelsdorf and surroundings, where herbert clerico swings the baton. The singers sang the musical creed "the world is full of wonders" in perfect unison as well as "come, lord, bless us" as well as the evening concert "es ist fruh spat geworden" to. The choir performed the german version of the 1970s hit "butterfly" with great verve. The stucco was then also received brilliantly by the visitors.

Full of vocal power the "liederkranz" loves haig the church hymns "maria, our refuge and "sing hallelujah sound. That went under the skin. The direction as well as the organ part was done by thomas detsch, who also performed impressively as a soloist. Glorious, as he "lord, your love" as well as "my time is in your hands" floating on the dorforgel through the church ship dear.

A great enrichment was the game of the st.-georgblaser, who played their instruments during the icelandic national anthem "lofsongur" (praise song), the bach-chorales "verleih uns frieden gnadiglich" (grant us peace mercifully) and "now the day has ended", the dance "passacaglia as well as the spiritual "go down, moses" eliciting truly majestic sounds.

The small church became really crowded when the singers sang together in front of the altar area – in keeping with the feast of the birth of mary, which was celebrated on that day – the song of praise "O heavenly queen" voted.

The gratifyingly large number of guests had been buried at the beginning by the chairman of the heimat- und kulturverein steinberg, wolfgang fortsch. He thanked in particular the board member herbert clerico, on whose initiative the concert again came about. As clerico explained, the german organ day is intended to bring this magnificent musical instrument back to public attention and appreciation throughout the federal republic.

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