Loyal trio on the trombone

Loyal trio on the trombone

Since 1928, their motto has been: "praising god is our office!" the holzhausen trombone choir looks back on a long tradition and honored three of its achievers: trombone choir chairman erich habfurter honored willi koch for his 50 years of service to the church. Blaserjubilaum, his son jurgen koch already celebrated his 40th birthday. Anniversary, and thorsten schmidt has been blowing the trombone for a quarter of a century. The awards were presented at a festive service in holzhausen's heilig-kreuz church.

Once a founding member of dorflis

In a short speech, erich habfurter acknowledged the merits of the honorees. Half a century ago, willi koch was among the founding members of the trombone choir in dorflis. Originally trained on the slide trombone by herbert hofmann from gleisenau, he later switched to the tuba, which he still plays with great passion today.
For many years he was active in dorflis in the training of young lasers. 21 years ago he joined the trombone choir in holzhausen and since then has been a reliable and mainstay of the church's festive music.
His son jurgen followed in the footsteps of his father, who trained him on the trumpet 40 years ago. Soon the talented young musician noticed that conducting is also in his blood and gives him a lot of fun and joy. And so he has been active for 23 years as a choir director and blower in holzhausen. It is mainly thanks to his dedication and skills that the holzhausen trombone choir is known and respected far beyond the local area. For more than ten years, jurgen koch has also been wielding the baton as district choir director.
Third congratulated thorsten schmidt. He learned to play the slide trombone 25 years ago from erich habfurter. The chairman took this opportunity to appeal to children, grandchildren and acquaintances to recruit new members. Only enough young brass players, he stressed, guarantee the continued existence of the choir. And this, he said, was the only way to prevent holzhauser kirchenmusik from literally running out of steam one day. 

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