Cost share drops by three percent

Costs will now be calculated according to the new key with retroactive effect until 2008. Mayor reinhard hallhuber pointed out that at the time of the earlier disputes, these measurements, as they have now been carried out, were not yet possible or only at a much higher cost. It has also not yet been decided how the measurements will be carried out in the future.
Councillor elmar hofmann pointed out that with an investment sum of five million euros for the future clear plant lottery already one percent in the distribution conclusion meant about 50,000 euros. "No one knows yet how the cost allocation for the new building will be calculated." each measurement cost the euerdorf residents significantly more, as they are apportioned to the smaller wirmsthal population must.
Bernhard herterich referred to the unsatisfactory situation with regard to wirmsthaler strabe. The pavement has been repaired so many times already. In his opinion, there must be a long-lasting solution. Hallhuber referred to the different nature of the on-site banquettes. These also had to be treated differently. Due to the beacons, the banks of the wirmsthaler berg are now better protected and the speed has also been reduced by the removal of the beacons.

Playground yes, bicycle path no
Hallhuber also informed that the playground equipment at the wirmsthal playground will be completely overhauled. The construction of the cycle path to wirmsthal will not take place this year. For the kindergarten in euerdorf, the cultural foundation of lower franconia donated 3500 euros for the preservation of the listed wall in this area. Hallhuber thanked the hunters for their participation in the vacation program. With 17 children, the offer had been particularly well received.
The design statute for the inner city area was accepted by the council body. Elmar hofmann had previously criticized some passages in which, in his opinion, future builders would be too strongly restricted. For example, with regard to the roofscape or the window grooves, he wanted to allow a broader scope for action. Some of his requests for changes were also included in the new bylaws.
Also, the stipulation that awnings and sunshades not be lower than 2.10 meters above the the new bylaws include a provision that allows for the installation of a burgersteig. "The basic rule for all designs in these architectural contexts is to maintain uniformity and allow for diversity", explained bernd muller from the BMA planning office. Reasonable exceptions and deviations will continue to be possible, emphasized dietmar buchner. The revision had become necessary, among other things, due to new design influences such as solar systems or satellite dishes, he said.
The billboard of the nussmann tax office once again caused discussion in the council, particularly with regard to the design of the town center. With a new building application, the company now wanted to erect an illuminated sign at the bottom of the sparkasse staircase. After weighing numerous aspects, the council body decided by consensus with the applicants to approve the installation of a sign on the lamppost. The static suitability of the mast is to be checked in the process.
Hallhuber informed the council about the construction of a new single-family house in heinrich-weber-strabe. Hofmann emphasized that the family's decision to build here was largely due to the good kindergarten in euerdorf.
The municipality will donate 50 cents per inhabitant to charity again this year. Hofmann pointed out that caritas, as a bad employer, interferes massively in the private life situation of its employees. If someone goes through a divorce, he loses his job there as well. This must change. After all, the donation came from evangelical burghers or atheists. Hallhuber suggested that the total amount of 763 euros should also be donated to the euerdorf old people's home foundation. This proposal was unanimously accepted by the board.

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