Moritz gotze fascinating colorful picture worlds in coburg

Moritz gotze is an artist with seemingly inexhaustible creative power. From silk-screen printing to objects, from painting to enamel art – gotze is remarkably versatile, without becoming arbitrary in this diversity. At first glance, his art appears to be unabashedly popular, and yet it is more backgrounded and complex than the casual observer might think.

Versatile creation

"Moments of happiness is the title of a rough exhibition presented by moritz gotze at the kunstverein coburg. Enamel art and painting, graphics and drawing – the show provides an insight into many areas of his work.

Unmistakable handwriting

For all his versatility, gotze's artistic signature is unmistakable and has a high recognition value. Art history is reflected again and again in gotze's work, rich in allusions and quotations, without getting lost in the mere play of quotations. Quite unabashedly, for example, gotze puts amor and psyche in the foreground, in a cosy dialogue with an open drink can.

Nymphs, zeus and amor

Resting nymph, cupid's arrow, the abduction of europe by zeus – in his titles gotze plays with mythological themes again and again. And seemingly playfully, he transforms motifs from art history into scenes with a light hand, which he brings unmistakably into the present with cleverly counterpointing details. Tischbein and cranach, schadow and caspar david friedrich – gotze varied well-known motifs of art history with playful gesture.

Cheerful colors

Mythologically charged motifs and seemingly banal everyday scenes – gotze knows no fear of contact. He moves through the history of art as uninhibitedly as through the history of literature. No matter with which material he works: his colors are lively and often seem downright playful in the composition. Gotze's very personal variant of pop art comes across as unhumbly happy.

Cheerful invitation

Together with his artist friend rudiger giebler, gotze toured the world with his works in 32 exhibitions. His exhibition at the coburger kunstverein, which was hastily set up just before the opening, is a joyful invitation to the viewer.

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