Plans are being made for fortschendorf

plans are being made for fortschendorf

Monday’s meeting of the town council in the town hall of pressig was characterized by unanimity. First, however, mayor hans pietz () had to exchange the audience from fortschendorf, because the agenda item project former leiner brewery with pub in the framework of the demand offensive northeast bavaria had to be moved to the non-public session.

Burger gerhard jungkunz thought this was a pity, as some of the listeners had come to the meeting precisely because of this point. So why, he asked, was this item now not being dealt with in public?. In addition, the head of the community informed that there are still some open questions, especially with regard to the demand and financing, which must first be clarified internally. Of course in another meeting this topic will be discussed again in public session, said pietz.

Nevertheless, fortschendorf was the focus of the meeting because of the simple village renewal. For the further proceeding the planning services were assigned to the office augsten in naila for the gross amount of 58832 euro. There were two other offers, which were higher in price.

Andreas schorn, head of construction, explained that all three bids had been submitted by renowned architectural and engineering firms and that the administration had proposed the most economically advantageous bid for award. The augsten office also had good references, which is why the committee voted unanimously in favor of the award.

A house is to give way

Focal points of the simple village renewal will be the place around the fire station with old school, in addition also a house demolition will pay and a sparing along the road up to the footbridge over the hablach near the monument.

The board agreed that the market pressig will contribute to the annual costs for an information security officer and a data protection officer at county level. The aim is to meet the legal requirements in the IT sector for security and data protection.

Mayor pietz asked for approval to submit a request to the forderoffensive nordostbayern for the demolition of a house in badstrabe in rothenkirchen and the design of the resulting open space with the erection of a pavilion. Second mayor wolfgang fortsch buried the proposal and said that the opportunity should be taken, if there is a demand, to make the area around the natural adventure pool even more attractive. After all, a claim of up to 90 percent of the costs could be in prospect. The committee voted unanimously.

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