Party note: bavarian party plants willow trees

Around the insect biotope at lerchenbuhl in kitzingen, members and candidates of the bavarian party planted five willow cat trees as a food source for bees. This is what the party writes in a press release. Furthermore, the members of the kitzingen district and city council uwe hartmann installed five bird nesting boxes. According to hartmann, insects and birds form a symbiosis on this terrain and with simple measures like these one can provide for a natural balance in a protected, wild environment. "You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to achieve success", said the city councilor, and recalled his city council motion to issue "kitzingen bluht-articles of association. Also here with relatively little financial means much is achieved for the diversity of species, because if each kitzinger was only two square meters of insect-suitable flower and herb patches, then kitzingen would really be a "green city on the river" and a paradise for insects, birds and bats, said hartmann according to the press release.

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