Corona pandemic: more attack surface for cyber criminals

Corona pandemic: more attack surface for cyber criminals

"In addition, since millions of people work from home on short notice, the less well-protected IT surface has grown," says the paper by the CDU-affiliated foundation, which was obtained by the deutsche presse agency. Unlike large companies, authorities and organizations, there is usually a lack of professional protection for the IT system.

The pandemic also offers the opportunity to use people’s uncertainty, curiosity and need for information specifically for criminal or insidious activities, the author says. "With personal health, the need for information can be particularly aroused – especially when it comes, for example, to protective measures, alleged treatment methods, a vaccination or supposed information from government agencies."

Hospitals and other institutions in the healthcare sector have also been targeted by extortion software. Private companies and public bodies such as the world health organization (WHO) have become the focus of suspected state espionage. In addition, there were discussions about sometimes uncertain conference programs.

According to the foundation, the state should respond to the situation with awareness campaigns, the expansion of digital education and special demands for the IT security of small and medium-sized enterprises. Law enforcement needed it specialists. State cyber attacks must be responded to with political and economic sanctions.

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