Flood of a’s at kulmbach’s high schools

flood of A's at kulmbach's high schools

The outcry after the math abi was enormous – among students and teachers alike who, after a two-year qualification phase in which, due to the pandemic, only distance learning often took place, considered the tasks to be too difficult. "For the good math students it was doable, the others hardly had a chance, emma kufner, who graduated from kulmbach’s caspar-vischer high school, told our newspaper the day after the exam. Teachers hit the same notch.

Better than 2020

The ministry of culture has come under criticism. Many have signed a petition that has found almost 40000 supporters nationwide. Today, after the grades have been announced, it is clear that the vast majority of the 35,000 graduates in bavaria have passed not only math, but the entire abi with flying colors. "After the first feedback from the schools, it appears that the overall average could be slightly better than in previous years. It will probably be between 2.1 and 2.2", announces minister of education michael piazolo (free choice) in response to our inquiry. In german, the average could even be a little better. Even in math – where the range in recent years has been between 2.98 and 3.26 – there has been no drop in performance. The reason for the latter? "Surely also due to the fact that the teachers were looking for points", says linh nguyen, who graduated from MGF high school.

The best has a grade of 0.76

Many students from kulmbach probably finished better than they had expected. Of the total of 152 students at the two grammar schools, 148 will probably receive their school-leaving certificates next friday. A definite number cannot yet be given, also because some students have taken the opportunity to voluntarily make up exams that were not compulsory because of corona, according to reports from munich.

What is certain: there has been a flood of ones. At the MGF, 30 students can look forward to an A before the decimal point, four even to a 1.0 abi. The grade point average is 2.03 after 2.18 in 2020. The best student of the year has a grade of 0.94. At CVG, the grade point average is 1.99 (2020: 2.14). Half of the 88 graduates got straight A’s, six got 1.0’s. A student with a grade point average of 0.76 scored 884 points out of a possible maximum of 900. "This is a fantastic result", says zoran gojic, press spokesman at the ministry of education, who says that every year there are a few students who pass their exams without any points being deducted.

Graduation as a gift?

Why there will be such a high number of "A "s in 2021? Kathrin krebs, senior class coordinator at CVG, speaks of a class that is willing to work hard. Like krebs, MGF senior class coordinator edgar stubinger makes it clear that the ministry is not prepared to give them a free ride because of the considerable corona restrictions, such as the "gunstigerregelung" has ensured a balance. For example, students had been able to replace assessments from the 11/2 semester, in which there were hardly any preschool classes and hardly any examinations, with performances from the 11/1 or 12/1 semesters. The grammar school students also benefited from the fact that in the 12/2 semester, examinations were only written in the three written subjects of the school-leaving examination. Oral performance tests took place in the other subjects. Stubinger: "many find it easier to do this." whether the degree was given to the young people as a gift? Nothing was given to them, the ministry assures. A statement that horst pfadenhauer, director of the MGF, also values. After two years that were anything but easy, the students had prepared intensively and were now reaping the rewards of their work.

"Math was hard"

From the "easy corona-abi MGF schoolgirl linh nguyen doesn’t want to hear anything either. Looking back, it was a crazy time. "We had to homeschool and teach ourselves material that was often tested on exams as if we had covered the topic in class." especially students who are not overachievers had had problems. Linh nguyen has "fought his way through", the abi with 2.8 managed. The examinations were feasible, says the 19-year-old. Auber math. "I’m glad that I got two points and didn’t have to take the post-test." like her, one-year graduate emma kufner from the CVG is also convinced: "math was much harder than in previous years." that the difficult math exam was "a slap in the face" of the high school graduates, explains uschi prawitz, who is deputy chairwoman of the bayreuth-kulmbach branch of the state parents’ association. The student from kulmbach is pleased that the final exams turned out so well despite all the obstacles. About the reasons one could only speculate. Looking back on the long period of homeschooling, she says with a wink: "maybe the students were able to learn better without the teachers."

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