Kliegl kindergarten bad kissingen: on the way to normality

Kliegl kindergarten bad kissingen: on the way to normality

Good news from the kliegl kindergarten. Step by step, the ghost of corona is going away. Since tuesday, the majority of children are allowed to visit the facility again. As michaela atzler from the catholic church foundation of the parish community of jesus – source of life bad kissingen confirmed on tuesday when asked, the health department allowed the return of most children on monday. The only exceptions are the 20 or so children for whom a 14-day quarantine was ordered after contact with a corona-infected educator. This deadline will also expire in a few days.

70 to 75 children arrive

According to michaela atzler, this means that 70 to 75 of the 93 children cared for by the facility can now return to their groups. The relaxation is considered a prerequisite for a necessary operation, including the personnel. Even then, those for whom the fourteen-day quarantine period expired were allowed to resume work.

This means that the case, which was so sensational at first, has finally come to a happy end. This was also emphasized by michaela atzler on tuesday: "we are very happy that no one has fallen ill."

As reported, the facility was initially closed because an educator had contracted the corona virus at a wedding in bad konigshofen, germany. After testing positive a few days after this wedding, 16 other employees of the kliegl kindergarten and 20 children with whom she had had contact were forced to take the test and be placed in quarantine. It took a few days before the last test result was available. In the end, however, there was fortunately no further confirmed case of infection with the corona virus.

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