Discovery tour in the hospital

Discovery tour in the hospital

19 children from the district spent their afternoon in the clinic on tuesday. But not as patients – no, they took part in the first event of the vacation program.
Nurse doris krappmann and secretary pia stohr guided the five- to 15-year-olds through the rooms of the hospital for an hour and a half.
There was a lot to discover: after the funeral, the tour started in the basement. There the children could peek into the rough toilet of the hospital. A chef also took a moment to show the children the huge pots, ladles and whisks that are used every day to cook for the up to 240 patients each day.

Children got to know basement
It went on to the storeroom, where boxes were everywhere. "Everything that is needed in a hospital is stored here. Needles, syringes, patches – we have 5000 items down here", explained johanna fuchs, the store manager, and gave the children a pack of sprayers – without canulas, of course – to take home.
The third station in the basement was the laundry. "Here all used beds are cleaned and freshly made", sister doris said, as she led the children further into the room.
The children were amazed at the dryer and the mangle for the bedclothes because of their enormous coarseness. After that, they marched up the stairs to the first floor. Here the nurse, sebastian tremel, was already waiting for the group with his helpers in the emergency room.
"Who liked to be plastered?", he buried the children. Immediately the first volunteer patients sat on the couch and loved to bandage their arms, head and legs.

Emergency room viewed
"In the emergency room everything has to happen very quickly", the nurse explained, putting a cast on one of the boys within a few seconds. Then it was on to physiotherapy. "Things are not as hectic here as in the emergency room", said the nurse.
"Patients get massages or start moving slowly again after an illness." the physiotherapist, wolfgang schreck, then led the children through the rooms: to a 34 degree warm exercise bath, to a mirrored gymnastics room, and to the massage room, where they were allowed to touch fango, a healing mud made of volcanic rock.

At the end there were presents
After that we went up to the second floor for a short time, here the tour went to the corridors of the intensive care unit and the outpatient room, where the sister pointed out that it was not possible to stay here for long, as the patients needed a lot of rest.
So they quickly walked on in the direction of the weekly station, where they saw a newborn.
Last but not least, they went for an ice cream in the congress room, where the managing director, michael jung, chatted with the children about their hospital experiences and gave them more information about the hospital, as well as the number of inpatients and outpatients treated per year. He also asked them about their experiences today and wanted to know what exciting things they had seen.
The children all agreed that the day was very interesting and that they learned a lot of new things.

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