37-Year-old woman fined for fraud

37-year-old woman fined for fraud

The 37-year-old defendant, said district judge ilona conver in her sentencing, seemed to her like pippi longstocking: "they make the world as they like it", she reproached the woman in an energetic tone. Because she had deliberately concealed from the job center the fact that her underage daughter no longer lived with her, she unlawfully received hartz IV benefits of 632 euros over a period of three months at the beginning of 2016. For this, she has now received a fine – not yet legally enforceable – of 800 euros at a criminal trial at the district court in habfurt.

As prosecutor franziska winkler pointed out in her statement of charges, the housewife received a sufficient number of. April 2014 until 31. May 2016 social welfare benefits of the job center in habfurt. The woman in need of help has a daughter. Therefore, she received the state support, which is entitled to a so-called community of need of mother and minor child.

However, this situation changed in january 2016, when the youth welfare office ordered that the little girl be placed with a foster family. The woman would have been obligated to inform the job center of this change. But what they did not. And what’s more: not even when she applied for another grant in april 2016 did the mother inform the office about the change in her family situation.

During the trial at the district court, we learned a lot about the background of the case. The accused made her first acquaintance with the juvenile court judge at the age of 17. With her 20 entries in the criminal record, judge conver said, you could almost wallpaper an entire wall. In most cases, she was convicted of theft or fraud. The last record dates back to january 2013, when she was caught trying to smuggle drugs across the border from the czech republic.

The 37-year-old has a long drug career behind her. Again and again she made attempts to get out of the vicious circle of drug addiction. Most recently, she completed long-term treatment in a drug help facility. According to her, she has been abstaining from drugs and alcohol for about two years now.

The massive intervention of the youth welfare office at the beginning of 2016 was based on an expert opinion at the time. Psychologists were of the definite opinion that the little daughter would be better off in a foster family. The living conditions of his client at the time, as defense attorney jens urban described the situation, were rather "chaotic" been.

The prosecutor’s representative showed understanding for the fact that the defendant "slipped into a hole" in january 2016 by taking away her daughter be. On the other hand, she is "extremely prejudiced" and was at the time of the crime under ongoing preservation. She pleaded for a four-month prison sentence
with strict conditions.

The court decided on a fine of 100 daily sentences of eight euros each. This amount, the public prosecutor replied to a question from the convicted person, could also be paid in installments. If, however, the woman goes to the diving station, as has happened repeatedly in the past, disaster threatens: then, the judge predicted, an execution warrant will be issued. This means that the woman will be locked up and she will have to serve 100 days in jail.

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