Reckendorf rejects update of state development plan

Already in the meeting in october of last year, the municipal council approved the draft regional development program, but rejected the obligation to define priority areas for the construction of wind power plants in the regional plans and was thus also against the designation of priority areas for the construction of such plants in the municipal area of reckendorf.

The municipality is also against the fact that the regional planning associations have been given the opportunity to define priority and reserve areas for free-standing photovoltaic plants without the consent of the municipality.

Decide for yourself
The municipality of reckendorf does not fundamentally oppose the innovations of the energy turnaround, but wanted to be able to decide whether and which areas were occupied by priority areas, so that the municipality of reckendorf would not be inhibited in its further community and settlement development, it said in the explanatory statement.

It was regretted that the application submitted by the administrative community of baunach for the municipality of reckendorf to be included in the "sub-areas with special need for action" was not accepted or to the "bamberg compression area" was not granted. For this reason, the reckendorf municipal council unanimously rejected the draft state development program of 28. November from.

Reckendorf wants "special need for action"
The development goals were not sufficiently taken into account because of the classification within an area with a special need for action. The municipal council demanded that the municipality of reckendorf be included in the "area in need of special action".

On the part of the municipality of reckendorf there were concerns regarding the further general supply of the citizens and regarding possible migration due to a worsening supply, as neighboring municipalities were developing more positively due to higher demands, it was argued.

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