Afd informs members about its work

Afd informs members about its work

Theresa schiffl the local association aischgrund/hochstadt of the alternative fur deutschland (afd) informed its members in the inn friedel on friday about the work in the federal and state parliament.

Rene jentzsch, deputy chairman of the local association, thanked members for their support and votes in last fall's state elections. "We have achieved a very good result." the party is in the fight against the evil. "Namely against the other parties that are destroying germany", said jentzsch.

How is the work going in berlin??

Bavaria's state chairman and member of the bundestag martin sichert arrived from berlin. He criticized that the legislation being implemented in berlin was increasingly influenced by the european union (eu). According to the afd politician, this is leading to more and more restrictions on freedom. "Europe only works if each country is allowed to decide for itself", explained secures.

The role of the afd in the bundestag

After the short report of the member of the bundestag questions could be asked on the part of the members and listeners.

One of them was about the role of the party in the bundestag and how it could play a greater role in cooperation with others. "This is only possible through elections, because no one wants to work with us", thus secures. In his opinion, this rejection and stigmatization of the afd will have a negative impact on the other parties in the long run.

In bavaria, too, the afd is dealing with many problems, as jan schiffers, chairman of the bamberg district association and member of the state parliament, explains. As a member of the committee for labor and social affairs, youth and family, he is particularly concerned about children and young people and their future. That is why his party has tabled an urgent motion because of friday's school strikes: "schoolchildren have a duty to go to school. They can demonstrate, but they have to do it on their own time."

Another thorn in the party's side, he said, was islamic instruction in bavarian schools. "We have tabled a subsequent urgent motion in which we want to prohibit and stop the lessons." it is a misconception to think that islam loves to be guided in a liberal direction.

Chairman Christian Bebler thanked the numerous participants and said: "we are the true patriots and will continue to have the courage to speak the truth in the future."

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