Fredi breunig with spilk – “a dream”

"A dream" – stand over the open-air with fredi breunig and spilk in schmalwasser. The heimatverein had invited and everything was fine. The sun was shining, the people of schmalwasser and many guests accepted the invitation, even before the performances began everyone was satisfied.

Fredi breunig's statement that a joint performance with the guys from spilk in schmalwasser "A dream" is was already clear in advance.

"On the small service road" this appearance had been negotiated, revealed frank schmitt from steinach. "The steffen is namely my work colleague." with steffen was meant steffen zehe, the chairman of the schmalwasserer home association.

Quickly the "deal" was perfect and also about the use of the proceeds they agreed quickly. The money collected will be given to the lebenshilfe rhon-grabfeld. This pleased the schmalwasser tuesday cyclists, the "hasch-bikers, which put equal 160 euro on it. Their cycling jerseys were sponsored, the money saved went into the collection box. 

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