Gift ideas for mother’s day: it doesn’t always have to be flowers

gift ideas for mother's day: it doesn't always have to be flowers

A warning beforehand: a new vacuum cleaner or other household appliances are in most cases not the ideal mother's day gift. Because at least on one day you liked to free the all-round talent of cook, chauffeur and nurse from these activities.

Mother's day on 14. May 2017 – what to give?

But what are the best gifts to show your mother how grateful you are to her?? You don't have to spend a lot of money for it, most of the time it's the personalized gifts that give the most joy. We have collected for you a few creative, delicious and also extravagant ideas.

The mother's day classics: flowers& chocolates

this is probably the first thing that comes to mind: a nice flower puzzle and some subes to go with it. The trade in the flower shops is booming on mother's day – but instead of the classic bouquet of red roses, you can also find out which flowers are just blooming and go pick them yourself. In france there are many fields where you can cut the flowers yourself. This has a more personal touch and is also significantly cheaper than in the store. In may tulips or peonies bloom for example.

Even with the pralines you can deviate from the supermarket shelf variant: raspberry, baileys or oreo pralines are very easy to bake yourself. Then put them in a little wooden box, tie a bow around them and you have a delicious mother's day gift.

Do it yourself (DIY): gift ideas to make yourself

Gifts are especially valuable when you can see that you have put a lot of effort into them and have really thought about the preferences of the person you are giving them to. Homemade gifts are therefore still the best.

Likor& perfume as DIY

Ever made likor myself? Depending on your taste, you can simply choose a recipe and easily make them yourself. In most cases, you only need a certain type of fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries or rhubarb and a type of schnapps. Even the classics such as baileys or egg liqueur are quickly mixed yourself. Filled into a glass bottle, you can then also be creative with the labeling of the bottle.

Perfumes are of course also available in the shops. But there are also many suppliers on the internet where you can put together your own scent. For example, you can specify the character that the perfume should have, choose the fragrance notes yourself and design the bottle.

Calendar& puzzle: photo gifts for mothers day

Also very popular are photo gifts of all kinds, for example a family calendar. Simply choose 12 photos of, for example, the family members and print in a drugstore or order online.

Is the mother a puzzle fan? For example, you can take a photo of the whole family and make it into a puzzle. Once you've made them, you can put them in a frame or make them again and again.

Also homemade and guaranteed to be well received: breakfast in bed. A tray with freshly squeezed orange juice, omelettes, homemade fruit yogurt or fluffy pancakes is sure to please any mom. For the children who are not very good at cooking, there is always the possibility of inviting their mother to brunch at their favorite cafe.

A very personal gift that you will also benefit from: compiling a small book with questions you always wanted to know about your mother. How did you actually meet dad? Who was your first friend? Which of your favorite recipes would you most like to share with me? How would I be if I had become a boy/girl?? In between, photos can also be pasted in. When the mother has finished filling the book, she can give it back – and the small, very personal "biography" is ready. If you don't have any ideas or if you want to get some suggestions for the questions, you can simply look in a bookstore, where you can find some prefabricated answers.

For rough gift-givers: balloon ride& mystery dinner

if you want to get together with your siblings, father or relatives and don't mind the expense, you can of course dig a little deeper into your pockets. In france, for example, in several places heibluft-balloon rides are offered. At sunrise, sunset or simply in the middle of the day, you can view franconia from above for around 160 euros per person. By the way: the more persons, the more favorable it becomes. So just ask the families of your mother's friends, maybe they don't have a present yet.

Exciting entertainment and dinner in one: at a mystery dinner, the action takes place around you – at the multi-course menu, there's a murder mystery to solve. Also available in many different places in france. Often the crime dinner is also offered in an authentic location such as a castle or a castle. The dinner starts at around 60 euros, depending on the provider.

A "dinner in the dark" is also an experience. In the dark you get a menu served here – but what to eat is not revealed in advance. From about 50 euros per person, you can concentrate entirely on taste, without being influenced by superficialities.

Voucher ideas

What always works are gift certificates. There are no limits and you can choose according to your mother's taste: a voucher for a massage, for example, or a manicure or a relaxing wellness day. A visit to a musical or a family photo shoot with a professional photographer are also a good choice.

Other ideas for mother's day

If you simply don't have the time to make a gift and can't cook or do handicrafts, you still have the possibility to get a nice mother's day gift. For example, there are heated slippers for frostbitten mothers. There are models that can be heated in the microwave or those that work like a heating pad, i.E. With a cable to the power outlet.

If you are planning to bring your mother breakfast in bed, you can also get a stand that doubles as a tray and a table for the bed can work. For sweet tooth and chocolate lovers is also a chocolate fountain a delicious idea.

Mother's day in a relationship – should I give something to my wife??

Children often make things for their mothers at school or kindergarten. But should also the man give something to his partner? Of course he should acknowledge that his wife is a great mother. "A gift in the form of a mother's day gift is therefore quite possible – but not a must", says therapist and coach dominik borde from vienna.

But it is also very important: in a relationship the role of the woman should be in the foreground for the man – not the role of the mother. Generally speaking, mother's day should not be an occasion for compulsive consumerism on the part of the male partner."

Mother's day as a rough mother

To whom the mother's day still means something in the higher age, should tell his children this calmly. And this is true regardless of whether you are already a grandmother or not. "Children always remain children for their mothers, no matter how old they are. Why should it not be the same the other way round??", says ursula lenz from the federal working group of senior citizens' organizations. "Mother's day is important to many people because they remember the time when the children were still small", explains lenz.

"If you know that this day is important to your mother, you will take care of her, visit her or send her a bouquet of flowers." as a mother, you can also combine the talk about mother's day with an invitation, recommends lenz. Then this day – it is always a sunday – can be an occasion for joint activities, perhaps even with all the siblings.

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