Floodlights are shining, the night race can come

They’ve done it: the necessary money has been raised and the floodlights are shining brightly. The organizers of the BMX cycling community of herzogenaurach can be satisfied.

In may, the club called on the public to participate in a crowdfunding campaign. The aim was to raise a sum of 5,000 euros. This amount was necessary to renew the floodlight system. This in turn was necessary so that the club can continue to organize the legendary night race.

"Everything worked out, we made it". Sandra kempmann was relieved and also a little proud. She is the dedicated mother of a BMX rider and helped organize the campaign. The floodlight has already been tested and passed the test with flying colors.

Now the night race can start next saturday at 5 p.M., before the "race of the champions" starts on sunday at 11 a.M the season will then officially end with the last run.

The club collected the money through a so-called crowdfunding. Because 5000 euro had been for the small club (94 members) probably too much, in order to place it from contribute and the association cash. The principle of the campaign was simple: every ten-euro donation was doubled via a VR bank request pot. A total of 5010 euros was collected. In addition to the many small donations, the sum was also made possible by a few larger individual contributions from companies and donors in the area, says kempmann.

Six steel masts with a total of ten spotlights were purchased. These have a power of 500 and 1000 watts respectively. Of course, the association is already using LED technology, second chairwoman anita nowak reported at a site visit in may.


The people of herzogenaurach are proud of the fact that the night race on saturday is "the only and legendary night race in bavaria" is. The donors are particularly invited. "Everybody who comes with his donation receipt gets a "free drink", says kempmann. In addition, there is a rough tombola, where every ticket wins.

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