Instead of schlachtschussel rather vegan sausages?

instead of schlachtschussel rather vegan sausages?

Veggie sausages instead of head meat and boiled sausage? If it goes after the animal right organization peta, the organizers of traditional slaughter festivals are to reconsider their concept. "Dead can't be a feast", peta writes in a press release – and has now also approached the TSV harsdorf, which is inviting people to the slaughter festival today.
Peta has offered to donate 500 vegan sausages to the TSV harsdorf, provided that the club changes its slaughter festival into a "veggie-fest renames and renounces to offer meat, sausage and other animal products. "Sausage doesn't have to be made from animals, it says in a press release of peta. With a new, animal-free, purely vegetable-based catering concept, the burgers from harsdorf were able to set a clear signal for a change in values towards more compassion for all animals, because tradition never justifies animal torture.
TSV harsdorf came to peta's attention rather by chance: according to the press office, they research the internet for organizers of slaughter festivals and then contact them. Two or three times a week this is the case. In total, around 100 clubs have been approached as part of the campaign, which has been running since 2015. Up to now admittedly nobody reacted in the sense of peta.
TSV harsdorf is also not interested in peta's offer. Slaughter festivals are a tradition in the region, says manfred zapf, chairman of the association. In the special case of harsdorf, the visitors could have a good conscience. The pigs slaughtered at the festival were fattened on a farm in the community and slaughtered in the next slaughterhouse. No mass animal husbandry and no long, painful animal transports.

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