A picture returns to himmelkron

A picture returns to himmelkron

"A picture returns home." these were the words used by the former first chief inspector of the police, horst hor from the himmelkron district of lanzendorf, to describe the ceremonial presentation of the picture in bayreuth city hall with mayor brigitte merk-erbe and mayor gerhard schneider.

The picture shows a view of the western outskirts of himmelkron with the collegiate church in the center from the elevation on the road to trebgast. Horst hor discovered the picture one day at the bayreuth city police station. It took him 15 years of effort to return this painting to its place of origin in himmelkron. On tuesday afternoon, the time had finally come for the two highest officials of the city of bayreuth and the municipality of himmelkron to solemnize this handover with a deed of transfer.

Mayor brigitte merk-erbe found the story surrounding the picture quite exciting: "of course i did some research for today’s date, and our rainer sack did some searching and research. This painting was acquired by the city of bayreuth at the end of the twenties or the beginning of the thirties of the last century for 300 reichsmark. For that time it was surely a lot of money, and we had registered the picture also with the city properly with the number 15 456. But what was exciting – and so the circle closes: the picture was at the city police department." first in the old town hall of bayreuth, where the art museum is located today. Then the police moved to werner-von-siemens-strabe, and with it the picture of himmelkron.

Horst hor, who was on duty at the bayreuth city police station from 1992 to 2006, noticed the picture one day at the end of the north wing in the police building and thought to himself: "the picture would be better off in himmelkron at its place of origin"."

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