Private individuals and businesses can enhance habfurt’s city center

private individuals and businesses can enhance habfurt's city center

Ulrike langer since last year, the entire downtown area of habfurt has been included in the urban development program "active urban districts and local centers". This means that in addition to the implementation of structural measures by the city, the active participation of private individuals is also desired. Therefore, the finance and main committee of the city council decided in its meeting on wednesday evening in the town hall to establish a project fund in the amount of 40000 euro for this year.

As robert barth from the city planning department explained, the project fund is intended to encourage private individuals to develop and implement their own ideas for redeveloping the city center together with the city. The integrated rural development concept is taken as a yardstick. The fund is to be used for small projects of up to 10,000 euros each. Every euro invested by private individuals or business people is matched by a euro from the public purse. The city of habfurt pays 40 cents, while the city construction takes over 60 cents. Therefore, the city must finance only 8000 euros of the total amount of 40 000 euros.

As an example of such a project, robert barth mentioned the creation of a signage system for public facilities and businesses. The committee approved the project fund and adopted a corresponding guideline for the allocation of funds from the urban development program.

According to mayor gunther werner (WG), the city of habfurt is in a "very good" position when it comes to childcare there. After all, the city is letting this cost quite a bit, he said. City councilor michael weber also gave the city "a big thumbs-up", because the support situation was "absolutely exemplary" is.

Stephan schneider, the head of the main administration, reported that there are currently 122 places in daycare centers, 460 kindergarten places and 18 daycare places, and that the care needs of children over the age of six are covered by 70 percent.

Extension for two group rooms

According to schneider, new buildings are difficult to implement because the city no longer owns any land. Nevertheless, the daycare center "zwergenhaus" will continue to operate expanded by one group room. A two-story extension for two group rooms is planned, which is to be completed by september 2020. One of the existing group rooms will then be converted into function rooms, he described.

A new building should also be considered to replace the municipal kindergarten in anstaltsgasschen, which is actually no longer suitable for renovation. Furthermore, the expansion of the lunchtime supervision at the elementary school site nassachtal is in the planning stage. Completion is expected in spring 2021, he said. The committee recognized the demand planning.

Due to increased safety requirements, the evangelical-lutheran congregation has to close the premises of its daycare center "am rodersgraben 4" renovate and purchase new playground equipment. The committee approved a voluntary contribution of ten percent of the total cost of 129 000 euros.

The "lebens(t)raum" association habfurt can now acquire the building in theodor-morung-strabe from the habfurt SPD local association for 27,300 euros. The committee maintained a demand for ten percent of the purchase price. In addition, the association still receives an amount of 817 euros, which was already approved for the conversion of the rooms in 2013, but has not yet been paid out. The association must undertake to use the building for its charitable purpose for at least 25 years.

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