The herzo 200 is a successful model

Buses for local public transport are a successful concept in the district of erlangen-hochstadt. This is especially true for line 200, the herzo express between erlangen and herzogenaurach. More and more employees of herzogenaurach's major companies are using them.
"We have scored a hit", alexander tritthart (CSU), the district administrator, commented on the line, which mainly intercepts rush hours, in the district committee on monday. From december, it was planned, it will be increased. But even now, buses can travel between 8 and 8.30 o'clock no longer take everyone. Verstarker buses will be deployed with immediate effect.
"A step up the ladder, herzogenaurach's mayor german hacker (SPD) described the "exorbitant growth rates". He immediately asked whether the capacity for line 199 was sufficient. This line connects the north of nurnberg to erlangen and herzogenaurach. Hacker sees the reasons for the change primarily in the "hard rush hours" around herzogenaurach. An hour at the exit of the freeway is not uncommon; even the double-lane city bypass is often no longer sufficient.
"It's great that we can be so flexible", praised wolfgang hirschmann (grune). He hopes that it will be possible on other lines as well, if necessary, as long as the contracts with the bus companies are in place.

Extend to other lines

the district council sees such opportunities, because the bus service will become an independent operation of the district. "Nothing is carved in concrete", he showed openness to new developments. Gerald brehm (), the mayor of hochstadt, called for marketing measures for other lines so that they, too, could benefit from the "outstanding development were able to profit. Line 205 is in the auind. The closer contact is gladly accepted. The female about rottenbach's mayor ludwig wahl () from burger surveys.
The switch from diesel to e-buses will still take time. The problem, according to tritthart, is the current range of 300 to 400 kilometers. In contrast, the distances that buses have to travel in a flat county. The line between erlangen and hochstadt is served 130 times a day. That's 3900 kilometers a day. According to tritthart, if loading times are taken into account, the cycle times could not be maintained. In addition, at 600,000 to 700,000 euros, electric buses are almost three times as expensive as diesel vehicles according to euro standard VI.
At the moment, you have to rely on the fact that the emissions from bus transport are significantly lower than those from cars. The district hopes to soon become a model region for e-bus transport anyway.

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