Hours of traffic jams on the a93: rescue services help drivers in traffic jams due to heat – truck loses steel plates

Accident on the A93 in upper franconia: shortly before the unterweibenbach tunnel, an articulated truck crashed into a warning trailer.

Pictures from the scene of the accident on the A93: steel plates scattered on the roadway

High property damage and hours-long blockage of the A93

A lightly injured professional driver, property damage in the mid-six-figure euro range and an hour-long closure are the results of a traffic accident on the A93 autobahn on thursday morning.

The traffic police in hof have started an investigation into the accident.
Against 9.45 o'clock the 57-year-old was on his way to hof with his semitrailer truck loaded with 25 tons of steel plates.

Driver overlooks trailer

At the time of the accident, the freeway maintenance department in rehau had set up a construction site between the hochstadt and selb-west junctions. The traffic had to be narrowed to one lane in the northbound direction. However, for reasons unknown, the truck driver overlooked the warning trailer set up for this purpose and hit it.

Due to the impact, the trailer was completely torn open on the right side and the steel plates slid onto the roadway. In the end, the semitrailer came to a halt at the central crash barrier.

The road had to be closed

Due to the lost load and the vehicles that were no longer roadworthy, it was necessary to completely close the highway in the direction of hof. The recovery and the closure of the road will continue for several hours (as of: 13.45 o'clock).

Rescue service cares for road users in traffic jams

Due to the high temperatures, the road users stuck in the traffic jam between the accident site and the hochstadt junction were cared for by the rescue service and the local fire departments. In the meantime, the police forces were able to divert the cars standing there from this area.

The driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries. Furthermore, the total damage amounted to about 450.000 euro.

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