Small smoldering fire, but rough excitement at the noon hour

At lunchtime on friday, a contingent of firefighters, police and ambulance crews set off for herzogenaurach’s market square. There, someone had apparently locked himself in a cubicle of the public toilet and possibly set fire to it, it first hit.

In any case, the report was that there was a smoldering fire there. Children informed a passerby that thick smoke was coming out of the toilet. Because it could not be ruled out that a human being could have been injured, the rescue service also arrived at the scene of the incident with two vehicles.

On the spot, the situation eased. In fact, a 59-year-old man from the area of herzogenaurach must have been in the men’s room and caused the smoldering fire there. How it came to this, was not yet conclusively clarified yesterday. The alcoholic man may have ignited paper trash and then fallen asleep. This was the first assumption of the police on the spot. Obviously, the bag he brought with him was also damaged.

No damage was done, the smoke was blown out of the public toilets. The man was treated in the ambulance precautionary.

He will now have to answer for an administrative offense.

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