Sign commemorates burned down muhle

"My uncle johann beitzinger was the husband of the owner of the schneidmuhle, anna beitzinger. He said that in 1916, when he was on his way from lahm to finkenmuhle, he saw smoke rising from lahm’s kremnitzschneidmuhle on the way back. The muhle burned down to the ground", tells josef beitzinger, who lives in rothenkirchen. Because of the war years from 1914 to 1918 one had not been able to undertake a reconstruction. "My uncle was called up to the front. When he came home from the war, other work was more important", explains the local historian. Since times of inflation had been added, the schneidmuhle remained a ruin. It was not built up anymore.

"After consultation with the landowner michael schneider, the frankenwaldverein and the arbeitskreis fur heimatpflege, i decided to put up a plaque at the former muhle. The plaque is intended to commemorate the small industrial monument in the kremnitz valley", so josef beitzinger. The drawing was made by peter grebner from rothenkirchen. It was designed by trebes design from kehlbach, germany. The modern einodwustung can still be located today. The muhlteich (protection), muhlgraben and foundations are visible.

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