A versatile tool in the changing times

A versatile tool in the changing times

The museum of the heimatverein weisendorf will be open also next sunday in compliance with the safety regulations. The focus this time is on agriculture.

When agriculture was still a "craft scythes were an important tool in the cutting of grain and grass. The sickles are known in central europe since the beginning of the iron age, later they evolved into coarser sickles with a long handle and angled blade. Already on illustrations from the time around 800 scythes can be found, as they are still used today. With their help, one could mow grain and grass in an almost upright position.

Today, especially in agriculture, the scythes replace machines that all have different functions, but are based on the basic principle of the scythe. On the other hand, she is still the first choice in many areas, such as in hard-to-reach countries. For small farmers, it was often a case of clearing the fields with a sickle and a scythe to get fodder for their animals. It was a sign of respect when people said of them: "he can feed a cow in the rain"!"

Furthermore, the sense has experienced a renaissance in special agricultural areas with gardeners, in fruit and horticulture, with leisure and hobby farmers and nature conservationists. Also the sense has developed further, first came the reef, also known as basket scythe added as a deposit aid of the cuttings. Later, various further developments took place, such as the trenching, cane, reed, high pressure, shaving and clearance scythe. In the meantime, there are also auxiliary devices for the unskilled for scything and scything. Many hobby and leisure time users order so-called basic equipment sets on the internet, but are then very quickly very frustrated. Manufacturers of high-quality scythes always offer appropriate training courses, but they were often overcrowded and had waiting lists even before the corona crisis.

These working gates are explained to interested parties during the opening of the museum. 

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