Images of a patron saint

Karl-heinz schalk, honorary district fire chief of herzogenaurach, a "firefighter with body and soul", published with the illustrated book "saint florian protect us … Volume 2" another book with magnificent photographs of the patron saint, following on from the previously published volume with the same title from 2010. In the book, schalk goes into the history of st. Florian and traces the path of suffering with pictures of the entrance gate of the basilica in lorch (upper austria).

From bavaria and austria

The main part of the book, with a foreword by pastor helmut hetzel, is made up of magnificent photographs of the patron saint, for example in churches – whether as a statue or an altarpiece -, as a mural, or as a sculpture. Air painting on firehouses, as a fountain figure or in other forms show. Most of the photos were taken in bavaria, but also in austria, the hl's area of operations. Florian.

As pastor hetzel writes in his foreword, st. Florian really lived and was a soldier of the roman army in the province of noricum. He was a senior officer. During the diocletian era (under emperor diocletian, 284 to 305 n. Chr.) persecution of christians several christians were also imprisoned and killed in noricum, today's lower austria.

Florian stood by them, and despite torture, he did not waver from his belief and conviction. So he was also killed with the others. A heavy stone was tied around his neck and then he was thrown into the enns river so that he drowned. According to legend, his body was found on the banks of the river and was buried on the site where today the st. Florian stands near linz.

When fire departments were founded everywhere, st. Florian was soon chosen as their patron saint. Not least because he is always associated with water and water is important for extinguishing fires. But he is also the patron saint against the destructive power of water, because he has experienced it in his own body.

With two supporters

Karl-heinz schalk was supported by hans-joachim profeld from munich, who has been a member of section 11 (history of fire protection) of the association for the promotion of german fire protection (vfdb) for decades. The honorary district fire chief heinrich matthias rupp from untermeitingen also supported the firefighter from herzogenaurach in france. "The two volumes are two valuable gifts for all firefighters and all who are interested in the history of hl. Florian interest", emphasizes Schalk.

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