Doris leithner-bisani applies for a third term as mayor of ludwigschorgast

The nomination meeting of the local CSU association of ludwigschorgast was very well attended on thursday evening – including many young people! – for the municipal elections on 15. March 2020 at the schicker inn. Under the leadership of the deputy CSU district chairwoman brigitte soziaghi, doris leithner-bisani was unanimously nominated as a candidate for mayor.

The nomination of the 16 candidates for the city council went just as smoothly. Doris leithner-bisani heads the list ahead of michaela popp, roland konrad, daniela wagner and enrico porzelt. Heike mayer, werner gunther, thorsten schwieder, katrin popp, marco heuschmann, florian hufnagl, herbert kohler, michael rief, kerstin muller, michael kraus and reinhard hildner are running for the other seats. Substitute candidates are lukas ott and sigrid schmutzler.

After twelve years of successful work, mayor doris leithner-bisani is facing the electoral vote for a third time in order to continue laying the foundations for good politics in the future as mayor with a keen eye and thoughtfulness over the next six years. "I believe that the CSU ludwigschorgast has shown over the last six years that it is successfully implementing this guideline. Although the municipality has invested every year, we were able to reduce the debt to 742 euros per capita at the end of 2018, according to plan", stressed the speaker.

Admittedly, future-oriented projects such as the kindergarten extension require that debt be taken on in order to realize them. After a tough struggle, with the help of state parliament member martin schoffel, a demand of 700,000 euros was obtained instead of the originally planned 350,000 euros. The CSU faction was the only one to have supported this project from the beginning. Doris leithner-bisani briefly recalled important measures such as the construction of the REWE supermarket and the renovation of the upper market street with the replacement of the sewer and the water pipe (both in 2014), the renewal of the drainage pipes from the rainwater overflow basin at the building yard to the pumping station together with kupferberg (2016) and the energy renovation of the elementary school as part of the KIP requirement (2017). After the laying of fiber optics by telecom and the connection of the lindenhof, the master plan is now the basis for further development.

This year, the purchase of the former braunersreuther building and the expansion of the building yard took place. This also creates the preconditions for improving protection against heavy rainfall at the end of the town towards kupferberg. Demolition of the empty house "am endelsbach" is completed, the planning for the redevelopment of the area has been completed, according to the mayor: "today we received the decision on a 90-percent claim."

Leithner-bisani also referred to the designation of the "rother buhl II" building area and the preparation of the creation of further building sites "at the old wirsberger strabe" in connection with the flash flood risk management, without which a further development of the village at this location is not possible. The channel in the bahnhofsstrabe has to be replaced. In the school, the next measures are carried out within the framework of the KIP-S with the new floor in the school gymnasium, fire protection and barrier-free entrance. The renewal of the stairs at the old town hall must/should also be tackled.

The local roads are in good condition, but there are of course places and areas that can still be renovated and improved, said doris leithner-bisani, looking ahead. Of course, according to her, it is important to keep a watchful eye on the childcare facilities, whether in the framework of the daycare center or the elementary school. The infrastructure is also important so that ludwigschorgast remains an attractive place to live and has a lot to offer its residents. This alone represents a major challenge for the municipality, so that young families will also settle here.

The variety of cultural and social activities offered by the associations is also part of what makes the town attractive. As mayor, it is therefore important to her to challenge and support the associations and their activities as far as possible. In general, it is important for the municipality to provide children and young people with appropriate recreational facilities. Thorsten schwieder and jonas muller have done a lot for the barbecue area, even though vandals have been at work again in the meantime. There is now also a new and better grill, but of course it has to be kept in a condition that makes this offer look attractive. In the coming spring, the young people are to be invited to a small kick-off barbecue and thus the conversation is to be sought.

One major construction site in recent years has been the wastewater association and everything to do with water and wastewater. And we must dedicate a large part of our energy to this construction site in the coming years

" the two evidence proceedings are still ongoing and unfortunately block everything. But i hope that at least one of them will be fixed soon. But it’s a tough battle, and that didn’t make it any easier for our neighboring castle champion."

All in all, leithner-bisani drew a positive balance: "in summary, i can say that i have shown in the past years that i have tackled all important problems together with my CSU councillors and have worked through important ones with diligence and perseverance. I would like to work also in the future for the well-being of my native municipality and promise today also that I try to tackle the challenges of the future with elan and ask therefore for your confidence. "

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