The old construction is used to capacity

The old construction is used to capacity

The rough concept for the renovation and expansion of the wilhelm hegler sports hall is ready: the municipal council approved the planning draft presented by architect johannes messerschmitt.The building will have a gable roof on which a photovoltaic and/or solar system can be installed. A coarser playing field with a coarser ceiling height, a second tribune on the upper floor, a pellet heating system with radiant ceiling heaters and extensive adaptations were created to new requirements of energy saving and fire protection.

Mayor siegfried erhard (CSU) stressed that the renovation of the sports facility was overdue after 28 years of intensive use. The hall is often overcrowded and for some sports it is too small and too low. After the first concepts it turned out that the planning has to be carried out with a european-wide architectural tender. In the meantime, a jury of experts examined the results and entrusted the planning to architekturburo messerschmitt (bad kissingen).

Johannes messerschmitt presented his design to the community council. After that the hall will be longer, wider and higher and will get a new roof construction. Stronger pruning is indispensable. "Repairs to the existing pillars, including the foundations, will be more expensive than building new ones next to them", he explained. With the increase from 5.5 to 7 meters, it would be possible to create another tribune with 250 seats and gymnastics rooms above the dressing room wing. "We left the existing tribune at playing field level. It is intact", he added. Kitchen and bar remain unchanged. An annex with a handicapped-accessible stairway to the tribune is being considered for the access area. The foyer will be much higher. A staircase leads from it to the upper floor .

The roof will not hold more weight
Structural engineer peter wolf (bad kissingen) underlined the necessity of new, stronger supports: "the old construction is completely overloaded. The existing roof can neither be heated nor used for solar energy. Coarser snow loads must be taken into account." the existing struts were strengthened, then the basement of the hall had to be included. The cost in comparison with new nozzles would be high.

Geothermal heat is the most expensive
Possible heating systems were presented by steffen linder of helfrich engineers main rhon (bad kissingen). A connection to the chipping center in the center of the village – one kilometer away – is uneconomical. Conceivable systems included a gas condensing boiler, geothermal heat or pellet boilers. Solar and voltaic systems could be connected. According to the future size of the hall with 800 square meters of heating surface, 123 000 kwh are needed per year. "The most expensive is geothermal energy, which costs 441,000 euros for 40 boreholes at a depth of 80 meters. Gas requires 175 000 euro, pellet system 186 000 euro. If we include the demand, interest, depreciation, and operating and consumption costs, gas and pellet are on a par at 25,000 euros per year. We recommend pellets", informed lindner.
The heat distribution could be done by air, underfloor or radiant ceiling heating. Lighting could be integrated into the ceiling solution. However, it would be more expensive and would have to be taken into account in the statics. An air-conditioning system for multi-purpose use is also necessary.

Electrical project manager mario jung made it clear that building changes and current specifications require far-reaching modifications. Additional basement space facilitated installation. A fire protection report is to be included: "the details will result from the further planning."

What happens at carnival?
"Instead of renovation, we are almost building a new hall", klemens wolf said, "I'm looking forward to the cost estimate." walter vierheilig wanted to know how the hall could be decorated with ceiling spotlights for the carnival season. A flat roof, as messerschmitt suggested as an alternative, was rejected by hubert schott. Also, a staircase from the center of the foyer to the upper floor is not well located. Franz kuhn and dieter ott wanted to keep the upper tribune smaller and make the gymnastics rooms rougher instead.
By a vote of 17-2, the municipal council approved the basic concept.

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