A new runway and a new company

A new runway and a new company

Five million euros have been earmarked by the city for the improvement of the brandenstein airfield. The first step has already been taken: the six masts of the new approach lighting system are in place; next week, they are to be approved by the northern bavaria aviation authority. Then instrument flight is possible on the brandenstein level indefinitely. From next year, the runway and all the light signals will also be renewed. The gas station will be enlarged; in any case it will get new dispensers. Whether the earth tanks can continue to be used must be investigated. In addition, a "northern access road" is to be built to the hangars are built, so that the cars no longer have to cross the apron here.

Work should be completed by mid-2021. Kathrin belsner from the CDM consulting office did not want to be more specific, as the individual projects are to be requested for funding. Only when these funds have been approved can construction begin. The aim is also to close the airfield for as short a time as possible, i.E. Only during the renovation of the runway. That is why all construction sites should be completed at the same time as possible.

The original plan was for suc bus and aquaria to act as airfield operator from 2020 onwards. But after discussions with the aeroclub and the users of the site, this was abandoned, said suc managing director wilhelm austen at the city council meeting. It would be more practical to set up a separate subsidiary to operate the airfield. This is to ensure that the preserved structures can be maintained in the flight operations. Until now, the aeroclub coburg operated the airfield.

The city already pays the aeroclub a subsidy for the operation of the airfield and the. The new suc subsidiary now receives this subsidy – the budget provides for 180,000 euros for this purpose. This is more than before, because the staff is to be increased, as it says in the explanation to the budget estimate.

Until the 1. April 2020 the new subsidiary of suc should be founded. Payroll and similar things are purchased as services from the parent company. Unlike suc bus and aquaria, the deficit cannot be made up by profits from suc energie und H2O gmbh, Austen said.

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