You have been dancing for 50 years

you have been dancing for 50 years

Angelika and werner geiger can't stop celebrating this year. The trained body builder only celebrated his 70th birthday this spring. After celebrating her 50th birthday, the couple's golden wedding anniversary was now upon them.

The two married at a young age, and at the age of 20 they walked down the aisle. "We got to know each other at the dance in maineck", he said angelika geiger. "The young people used to go dancing much more often", said werner geiger.

Even today, the two jubilarians still like to swing their dancing legs, but there are not so many opportunities anymore. "But my husband was not good at dancing", laughed angelika geiger, so they made a deal: he had to learn how to dance, and she had to learn how to swim.

Werner geiger worked for a full 50 years, and his wife angelika was also always professionally active, ran a bridal fashion business for 20 years. In addition, both were active in pretty much every club in buchau, especially the gardening club. The marriage produced three children and two grandchildren. But how do you stay happily married for 50 years?? "Talking to each other and going in the same direction", they confirmed. 

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