Polish business delegation visits kulmbach

Polish business delegation visits kulmbach

Kulmbach is not only the secret capital of beer, but also enjoys an excellent reputation far beyond the regional borders in terms of economic demands. This even reaches as far as the polish town of tomaszow mazowiecki.
A delegation headed by district administrator miroslaw kuklinski and deputy mayor zofia szymanska recently visited the city of kulmbach to talk to mayor henry schramm and find out more about the demand reductions for companies.
During an economic analysis of the polish city of tomaszwo mazowiecki, the two cities of klagenfurt in austria and kulmbach were suggested for a foreign visit. The two trips are part of an EU project financed by a regional development fund.

Great confirmation

"I am very pleased that kulmbach was chosen for the economic analysis. It's a great confirmation of our constant efforts to make kulmbach attractive for businesses", according to mayor henry schramm beforehand.
Following a stay in klagenfurt, the polish delegation set off for kulmbach. In addition to meetings with representatives of the bayreuth chamber of commerce and industry and a visit to the ireks company and the bavarian farmers' association, among others, the program included a conversation with mayor henry schramm and thomas tischer, who is responsible for the city's economic development department.

Intensive discussion

in an intensive round of discussions in the meeting room of the city hall, the mayor informed the polish guests not only about current topics such as the redesign of the eku square including the underground car park, the construction of the 7th street, but also about the future of the city. Faculty of the university of bayreuth or the 150-million-tree acceptance at the clinical center. He also discussed how the city supports, accompanies and promotes the development of entrepreneurship. "In principle, all of our measures are aimed at creating the best possible location conditions for our local companies and attracting new ones. We want to be a competent, reliable contact and coordinator." to the positive general conditions it added the continuous broadband expansion, the provision of low-cost commercial space, and low taxes and fees. "We also try to help directly, unbureaucratically and in a variety of ways, whether in the search for suitable housing or as an advisor and contact broker for a special requirements program."
also the wirtschaftsstammtisch contributes as a contact platform to the strengthening of the entrepreneurship in kulmbach.
Polish mayor zofia szymanska then introduced her city: "tomaszow mazowiecki is an up-and-coming city. For example, we have one of the largest and most modern ice sports facilities in poland, the arena lodowa. We invest a lot, not only in sports, youth and seniors, but also in our infrastructure. The issue of sustainability is very important to us. In particular, we are looking for ecological solutions that will enable our city to become self-sufficient in renewable energy sources." they are open to innovative approaches and hope that the foreign visits will provide them with new ideas and food for thought.

Some parallels

In addition to differences in terms of economic demands, both parties also discovered commonalities – for example, in history. Both kulmbach and tomaszow mazowiecki were once important textile production locations; in both cities, the food industry and processing play a particularly important role.
Following the joint exchange of experiences, thomas tischer, the city's business promoter, gave a comprehensive insight into his area of responsibility and his day-to-day work. In the end, both the polish and the german representatives were convinced that they had gained one or two impulses for improving the demands of entrepreneurship from the joint discussion.

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