Wsv neptun still on the upswing

At the general meeting of WSV neptun, chairman horst schubert buried the attendees. After a minute's silence for the deceased members of the association of the last year and the ascertainment of the proper invitation, he began with his report after the reading of the minutes of the last meeting. There have been highs and lows, but according to schubert, 2016 can be described as a very positive year for the association overall. In the spring, necessary renovation work was carried out on the site. In the entrance area, for example, the paving was renewed and the sewage pipes and lines were brought up to date. At the beginning of the season it was possible to recruit reliable cleaning staff for the sanitary facilities.
The then host decided to cancel the lease at the end of the season. With norbert heckmann, former host of the boat house in the grove, the board could win a new successor, who reopened the club restaurant with much joy and commitment in november. Beforehand, the pub and its kitchen had been completely renovated and refurbished. The credit granted by the members in the extraordinary general meeting of august 2016 has been invested wisely and profitably for the association in the reconstruction. The club's guesthouse now presents itself in an appealing new design. Also a janitor, who moved into the newly renovated janitor apartment above the inn, could be found.

Thanks to the members

The board member angelina villanello took care of the redesign of the website. The first chairman thanked all the members for their loyalty to the association and their cooperation. As an example, he mentioned a working group of parents who take care of the maintenance of the playground.
For 25-years, 40-years and 50-years loyalty to the association horst schubert congratulated the present members and presented them with prizes.
In the connection from the departments barbl arlt reported for the swimmers, who could show many new association records, the class preservation in the second federal league and many good individual achievements. Renate sorger for the boccia department reported about the high points of the last season and invited to the new one.
Eric baumgartner for the model boat builders showed in a powerpoint presentation, what was going on with the model builders in the last year and could also show a place at the german championships in model building. Stand-up paddlers thomas kehrberger and dima podporin reported on their work last year. With many events such as moonlight tours, sandkirchweihfahrten, a standup polo tournament and many other activities, this department also ensured a large influx in the club. The overall number of members at WSV neptun was again significantly increased. After the report of the treasurer and the cash auditors the board was unanimously discharged by the members.

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