Erlangen scout home goes up in flames

Erlangen scout home goes up in flames

Helmut wening is appalled. The erlanger man is a member of the scouts of the asgard tribe and is standing in front of the burning clubhouse of the tribe in kurt-schumacher-strabe. "This is the end he mumbles before taking a closer look at the extent of the damage. And that is enormous. The entire blockhutte, including its inventory, was consumed by flames.

Around one o'clock, the erlanger main station and the task forces of the volunteer fire department were alerted. Initially it had been reported that the clubhouse of the model builders was on fire. But it had hit the neighbor: the scouts lost their house.

Hours of reminiscing

The fire itself was quickly brought under control, even though the post-fire work continued into the morning hours. The cause of the fire is still unclear. Several caravans and a boat trailer nearby were damaged by the heat. The total damage is around 100.000 euros, but the intangible damage is higher. The scouts had already prepared for the erlanger radli. For years, the asgard tribe has been one of the important stops on this family bike tour through town. Now they will worry about what will happen in the future. In this case, the scouts are hoping for a slight modification of their motto: "hopefully there will be a good deed for us."

The tribe asgard erlangen belongs to the federation of scouts (bdp). As a scouting movement, the leaders try to help children and young people develop a holistic character through play and play. The leaders work honorary, are no sozialpadagogen and care for their groups after the slogan youth leads youth. The asgard tribe has been rooted in erlangen for over 40 years, and with almost 120 members it is now the largest and most active scout tribe in the bavarian branch of the bdp.

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